al sharpton net worth

al sharpton net worth

Do you know al sharpton net worth? Reverend Al Sharpton is an American civil rights activist, author, Baptist minister, and television/radio talk show host. His net worth has been estimated to be around $5 million. How did he become so successful? Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of Al Sharpton.

al sharpton net worth:

Early Life and Career

Al Sharpton was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1954. He grew up in a working-class family, attending Brooklyn College for his undergraduate degree before going on to attend seminary school and becoming ordained as a Baptist minister in the early 1980s. During this time, he began to make a name for himself as an activist, traveling around the country and speaking out against racism and police brutality.

Reverend Al Sharpton has held many positions over the course of his career including National Action Network president, candidate for mayor of New York City (several times), talk show host on MSNBC and syndicated radio programs, a political commentator on Fox News Channel, author of several books (including “Go And Tell Pharaoh”), consultant for NBCUniversal’s MSNBC TV network, honorary chairman of The National Action Network (NAN), founder of NAN’s youth movement “Youth Movement Academy”, founder/chairman emeritus of the nonprofit organization Civil Rights Organization Center For Social Justice (CSJ). As mentioned previously, his current estimated net worth is around $5 million.

Sharpton’s Political Impact

Reverend Al Sharpton has been involved with politics since the mid-1980s when he was appointed as an advisor to then-New York Mayor Ed Koch. Since then he has gone on to influence politicians from both sides of the aisle including Republican Newt Gingrich and Democratic President Barack Obama.

He has also played a major role in many civil rights issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, voting rights violations, economic inequality and more recently Black Lives Matter protests across America sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers earlier this year.

al sharpton net worth
al sharpton net worth


Reverend Al Sharpton has had a long career full of activism and advocacy work that spans decades. In addition to his nonprofit organizations CSJ and NAN which both do great work fighting injustice through education and awareness-raising initiatives respectively;

Reverend Al Sharpton’s estimated net worth stands close to $5 million due to his many stints as a TV/radio talk show host, political commentator on Fox News Channel, authoring several books, and more recently his involvement in Black Lives Matter protests across America sparked by George Floyd’s death earlier this year.

Through it all, he remains dedicated to advocating for civil rights all over the nation even today. He serves as an inspiring example that anyone can make their dreams come true with hard work and perseverance. No matter what your background or where you come from, you can succeed if you never give up.

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