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Boonk Gang Net Worth, Biography and Fun Facts That You should Know

Today we discuss Boonk Gang Net Worth. The rap genre has been one of the leading and populist musical genres over the last few decades, and many people have tried their luck here. Although not all of them have succeeded, Boonk Gang has definitely found his fortune in the rap arena.

He has been one of the most famous rappers of the decade and enjoys an enormous fan following on social media, especially on Instagram. Thanks to his mad fan base and popularity, many people seek an answer for Boonk Gang net worth.

Although controversial, a few magazines and organizations estimated his net worth anywhere between $450K to USD 850K. We will discuss it in detail today. Also, our discussion focuses on his biography and fun facts, which his fans will love for sure.

Boonk Gang Brief Biography

Boonk Gang was born in Jacksonville, Florida. His birthday is on 3rd August 1996. Hence he is a pretty young personality and has still managed to earn his fortune in the American music industry. 

You will be shocked when you will hear the Boonk Gang has 14 siblings. Yes, you heard it right. Eight of the siblings come from the father’s side, and the rest 6 belongs to his mother’s side. What’s more shocking is that his mother was a teen at 16 when he gave birth to Boonk Gang.

His mother gave him the nickname Boonk. When he was a child, he had a fondness for the athlete. He used to play football and basketball.

He had a tormented childhood and early life since his stepfather died when he was 14 years only. His big family then relocated to Clermont, Orlando. Luckily, he managed to record his first song a year after his father’s died when he was 15 only.

However, the song didn’t get popular, and Boonk was ready to do anything for survival, including robbing shops. Yes, he was sentenced to imprisonment for robbing a shop. What’s worse, he was kicked out of his house when he was only 18.

He only received a certificate for completing his school and was not awarded any diploma as other people did.

The Actual Boonk Gang Net Worth

Although Boonk had to go through many hardships during his early life, fate soon smiled at him. He had become a famous rapper by the time he was a mere 21. Also, he enjoys an unimaginable fan following on social media, and many want to know his total worth.

As of November 2020 stands, it is ardently estimated that Boonk Gang has a net worth of between 200000USD to 450000USD. His revenues come mostly from rap songs and video games. Also, he has online merchandise shops where hoodies, t-shirts, and hats are sold in his name. He earns a fair amount of money ardently from such online merchandising items too.

Some Fun Facts About Boonk Gang That You Should Know

Boonk Gang has been a social media sensation among his fans ever since he recorded and published his 1st rap music in 2017. So, fans are particularly interested in his personal life. We understand the thirst of Boonk’s fans and prepared a list of facts about their favorite rapper.

1st Album

His debut album was Dat Boonk Gang Shit, it was released in 2017. Audiences received the album well, and it earned him a great fan following. Even now, the album has a great monthly listeners reaching well above 18,000.  His second album was Gabanna Attack, and it also achieved excellent praise and admiration among rap song lovers.

Relationship Status

As he is already on his 23rd birthday, fans are curious to know about his relationship status.  Well, his female fans are particularly interested if Boonk has a girlfriend or not. And we have good news for them.

Yes, Boonk is still unmarried and single. He is not dating any girl either. So, girls, what’s your thought about the eligible bachelor?

Why Did Boonk Gang Went To jail?

Did you know that your favorite rapper had once gone to jail? Although it might come to as a bolt from the blue, it is true.

It happened when he posted his 1st Instagram video in 2017. He was in the Popeye restaurant in the video, and it featured him stealing a chicken from the restaurant. The video was an immediate hit among Instagrammers.

It had received over a million views, and Boonk’s Instagram followers soon went up to 600000. The majority of them then turned to his Youtube channel. There he showed events of messing with people and breaking the rules deliberately.

However, with such success, he soon saw the other side of it. The law and enforcement authorities soon caught him. Police caught him with the acquisition of stealing glazed doughnuts. He stole doughnuts from a local store Drinking Doughnuts.

As police filed the case, the court found him guilty of stealing and burglary. He was also accused of a petty theft charge in court. The court then awarded him nominal 60-day probation. But the worst happened during the probationary period.

He violated the probationary law and then was put behind the prison bar for two weeks.

When and Why Did Boonk Gang Shot Himself?

You might not believe it, but, at one point, Boonk Gang indeed shoots himself. He did it with a 22-caliber gun and fired on his leg. Once, he posed some explicit content on his Instagram account, and the authority suspended his account.

It was his bread and butter. So, he became so frustrated that he shows not once but twice in his leg. Of late, there have been rumors that Boonk Gang is dead, but it is not valid. He was hospitalized for a few days as he lost a couple of his teeth in a clash.


Boonk Gang is a rising rapper who is more known for his absurd activities to entertain people than his rap songs. His net worth is around 450K USD. However, it could have been better had not his Instagram account been suspended.

We hope the rapper comes into the limelight with another of his hit album, which his fans are waiting for eagerly.

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