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Danny Ferry Net Worth, Biography, And Interesting Facts

Today we will discuss Danny Ferry Net Worth. If you are a fan of American basketball and watch NBA, you probably have heard about Danny Ferry already. He is a retired NBA player and is rated among the top basketball players of his generation. As he signed for the Cavaliers in 1990 at a whopping $34 million, it was a record of that time.

And even today, he is working as a general manager in NBA. Naturally, he has earned a massive amount throughout his career, and it continues. Today, we will look into Danny Ferry’s net worth, his family, his career, and interesting facts.

You will discover unknown and interesting facts about Danny Ferry that will surprise you for sure. So, basketball lovers and fans of Danny Ferry, stay here if you don’t like missing anything.

Who Is Danny Ferry?

Danny Ferry is a former American basketball player. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg since he has a fascinating career and massive fan followers with several records in his bag. He played both All American college players as a team member of Duke University and then in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Lately, New Orleans Pelicans had appointed him as an interim general manager. He has a successful and record-breaking career at his peak. Even when he was attending high school back in 1985, he was among the most celebrated basketball players in the US.

And, as he grew up both as a man and player, his popularity never declined. However, interestingly and most surprisingly, he didn’t start his professional career in NBA or America. Instead, in 1989 he joined Italian Leagues. There he spends one year, and in 1990 he joined NBA as part of the Cleveland Cavaliers and played for the majority of his professional career.

He enjoyed immense popularity and went on to become one of the icons of the Cleveland Cavaliers even before he retired.

Danny Ferry Net Worth

You now should realize how successful Danny Ferry was in his basketball career. So, it is not surprising that he has a great net worth. As 2023 stands, he has a total worth of at least $18 million. He earned it as his career salary, different brand promotions, and as the general manager after retirement.

During his career, he received around $44 million only as his salary. His record-breaking deal for 10 years with Cleveland Cavilers at $34 million in 1990 made him one of the richest basketball players of his time.

He played for the Cavs for the entire decade and became one of the most loved and popular club icons. However, in 2000 he joined San Antonio Spurs and played for them till 2003. He also earned a good amount from the signing.

After his retirement, he worked as the general manager for Cavs, and it also contributed to his net worth and properties fairly well. And with such massive property, Danny is living a lavish life. His career achievements are also remarkable compared to his massive wealth. 

Danny Ferry Family, Life and Education

Danny Ferry was born on October 17, 1966. He is currently age 54, and his birthplace was Hyattsville, Maryland. His father, Bob Ferry, was also a former center and executive of the NBA. So, his family was already associated with the NBA, which has a direct impact on his life.

He attended DeMatha Catholic High School and began his basketball career in the same school. There he played under Morgan Wooten and was selected for the high-school team soon. He was ranked among the top basketball centers of high schools in the entire US during his time. His greatest achievement during this time came in 1985.

Parade’s Magazine had declared him as their Prep Player of the Year. Even before he joined Duke University, he was rated among the best high school players.

College and Professional Career of Danny Ferry

Ferry played for Duke University from 1985 to 1989 consecutively as he attended his college there. At that time, he played for Blue Devils. In 1986, 1988, and 1989 he helped the team to reach the Final Four, and his skills at the center were highly appreciated even by the pro coaches.

He went on to get the MVP award in the East Regional area. His collegiate career was a massive success since he went on to become the 1st player to achieve the following milestones-

  1. More than 2000 match points
  2. At least 1000 rebounds or more
  3. 500 plus assists as part of the team

He had achieved all these overwhelming records as part of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) playing region.

His records and stats in his college career have already made him one of the most desired players for the NBA. In 1989, he was drafted by Los Angeles Clippers. However, for some unforeseen reasons, he moved to Italian League in 1989. During that season, he averaged six rebounds along with 23 match points in each game. It earned him a great name as an overseas basketball player there.

However, in 1990, Ferry finally joined NBA. He signed a deal with Cleveland Cavaliers for 10 years. The contract was signed at $34 million, and it was a record of that time. He played for them the entire decade. He became the all-time leader in the games and remained a Cavs mostly capped player until 2009.

However, the Cavs were disappointed with him since he could hardly fulfill what the team wanted from him. In fact, his promising high start in his college career and Italy never came back again. He only averaged more than 10 points per match in two seasons, with 13.3 being the highest.

Thus, Cavs didn’t continue the deal after 2000, and he moved to San Antonio Spurs. He played for them for the next 3-years. After his retirement, he joined the Spurs as a front officer. He also worked as an interim general manager for New Orleans Pelicans for a few months.  But, he didn’t see any success here and was finally removed from his position.


Danny Ferry had a promising college career as a basketball player. However, he couldn’t live up to the expectations in his professional NBA career. Hence, much of Danny Ferry net worth of $18 million came from his 1st signing in the NBA league. Nonetheless, he has a decent career, and his properties and wealth aren’t ignorable either.

His career, however, could have been much better. Now he lives with his family and is preparing to come back as a manager in NBA.

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