hardcore pawn net worth

hardcore pawn net worth

Today we discuss hardcore pawn net worth. Hardcore Pawn, the popular American reality television series, has been a staple of cable television since its debut in 2010. The show follows the daily operations of Les Gold and his family as they run their world-famous pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan. But just how successful is this venture? How much is Hardcore Pawn worth today? Let’s take a closer look at this million-dollar business.

hardcore pawn net worth:

The Origins of the Gold Family Business

Hardcore Pawn began as American Jewelry and Loan in 1978, a small jewelry store owned by Les Gold and his father in Detroit, Michigan. In 1989, Les bought out his father’s share of the store and changed its name to American Jewelry and Loan. Over time, he expanded the business from just jewelry to include pawning services for items such as electronics and musical instruments. This proved to be an extremely lucrative business model that turned American Jewelry and Loan into one of the most successful pawn shops in America.

Hardcore Pawn’s Success on Television

In 2010, the Gold family decided to take their business to television with the launch of their own reality show on truTV called Hardcore Pawn. The show was an instant hit among viewers due to its humorous storylines and outrageous characters like Les’s daughter Ashley who often clashed with her father over matters of business strategy. The show ran for nine seasons until 2018 when it aired its final episode—but not before it had made millions for both truTV and the Gold family business.
Through nine seasons on the air, Hardcore Pawn earned more than $30 million dollars for TruTV alone—not including DVD sales or international syndication deals. In addition to earning money for truTV, each season also generated millions for American Jewelry & Loan. It has been estimated that between 2010 – 2018, American Jewelry & Loan earned over $50 million dollars through its association with the show—which brings us to our next point…

How Much is Hardcore Pawn Worth Today?

Today, American Jewelry & Loan is still going strong! Les Gold recently sold off one of his smaller stores but still owns two locations in Detroit that are doing booming business thanks to their appearance on television. Since selling off one location last year alone, Les has earned over 9 million dollars! That brings us to an estimated net worth of around 60 – 70 million dollars for his entire operation today!

hardcore pawn net worth


It’s amazing what a little hard work can accomplish! From a small jewelry store started by Les Gold’s father back in 1978 to one of the most successful pawn shops in America today—the story behind Hardcore Pawn is truly inspiring! All it took was some savvy decision-making by Les himself plus some luck from being featured on truTV—and now he is reaping all the rewards with an estimated net worth somewhere between 60 – 70 million dollars! A true rags-to-riches story if there ever was one! We wish him all the best as he continues running his multi-million dollar business empire into 2023 and beyond!

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