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Blog Title: A Look at the Net Worth of Joel McCrea at Death
Blog Introduction: Joel McCrea was an American actor who had a long and successful career in film, television, and radio. He was one of the most bankable leading men of his era and starred in over 80 motion pictures. But what was Joel McCrea’s net worth at death? Let’s take a look at how his wealth was acquired during his lifetime.

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Joel McCrea’s Early Life and Career Beginnings
Born November 5th, 1905 in South Pasadena, California, Joel McCrea began acting in the 1920s. His first feature film role came in 1927 with The King of Kings. After appearing in several more films, he landed lead roles in The Virginian and Wings of the Morning. In 1932 he signed a very lucrative deal with Paramount Pictures which earned him up to $5,000 per week. He continued to make movies throughout the 1930s and 1940s including classics such as Sullivan’s Travels (1941), Foreign Correspondent (1940), The More the Merrier (1943), Ride the High Country (1962), Winchester ’73 (1950) and many more.

Wealth Accumulation
Throughout his career, McCrea appeared as a leading man or supporting character in over 80 motion pictures as well as numerous TV shows and radio programs. During this time he earned substantial wages for his work which accumulated into a sizable fortune by the time of his death on October 20th, 1990. At that time it is estimated that Joel McCrea had amassed a net worth of around $10 million dollars when adjusted for inflation to today’s numbers. This wealth came from both his acting salary as well as wise investments in real estate throughout California during his lifetime.

Later Years and Legacy
In later years Joel retired from acting and became involved with charities such as Boys Town USA where he served on their board of directors for several decades until 1983 when he passed away at 85 years old from natural causes at his home in Woodland Hills, California surrounded by family and friends. He is remembered fondly by many fans even today thanks to ongoing reruns of some of his classic films on cable networks like TCM which keep alive the legacy that is Joel McCrea for future generations to enjoy.

Joel McCrea was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars during its golden age thanks to iconic performances like Sullivan’s Travels (1941), Foreign Correspondent (1940) and Winchester ’73 (1950). By combining smart investing with regular film work throughout his lifetime, it is estimated that he had attained a personal wealth between $10 million dollars when adjusted for inflation to today’s numbers when he died on October 20th, 1990 at 85 years old due to natural causes surrounded by family friends at home in Woodland Hills, California . His legacy lives on through reruns on cable networks like TCM where viewers can still enjoy some of his classic performances today making him an enduring part of Hollywood history forevermore!

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