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John Skipper Net Worth, Biography and Interesting Facts

Today we will discuss John Skipper Net Worth. Whenever we talk about the executive media giants in America, John Skipper’s name indeed comes in the top list. The man is famous for incorporating with ESPN Inc. and taking a leap above ESPN in the American sports media.

He was appointed as the president of ESPN Inc. in 2012. Since then, he has won several partnerships and television rights for the sports channels until his resignation in 2017 due to his suffering from substance addiction. Due to his immense success, many people ask about John Skipper’s net worth. They also show interest in his personal life, career, and interests.

We will discuss all these about John Skipper today. So, stay with us.

A Brief Biography of John Skipper

John Skipper was born in Lexington, North Carolina, on December 19, 1955. Currently, he is aged 65 and working in DAZN Group. He currently holds the post of executive chairman of the group.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill College. He earned his master’s degree from Columbia University in the same subject. He then joined Rolling Stone as an executive assistant. Soon, he was promoted to executive there.

He then worked for several years for Spin and the US. After that, he joined Disney Publishing Group as a senior vice president. He earned great fame there and helped Disney Publishers go big and boom. His success touched the sky when he was appointed to ESPN the Magazine in 1997.

He worked in the magazine as general manager and vice president for the next eight years. In 2005, he took charge as executive vice president of the same magazine in the content section. In 2012, he became the president of the popular and famous ESPN Inc.

However, he resigned from ESPN Inc. in 2017 despite his tremendous success in partnering with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and winning the media rights to the major tournaments. He was suffering from Substance Addiction, which forced his retirement.  However, he joined the DAZN Group after a brief resting time in 2018.

He then joined Disney Media Networks, which is the parent company of ESPN. Currently, John is the co-chairman of Disney Media Networks.

John Skipper Net Worth

According to OK and US Weekly, the net worth of John Skipper is around $20 million to $25 million. He earned his property as his wages, salaries, and bonus during his long and successful career behind the media giants.

His dedication and creativity have helped him maintain such an outstanding bank balance. Throughout his career, he had pushed the boundaries and set new benchmarks for himself and his fellow journalists and media executives.

He bought a house worth $2.31 million in Lenox. John is also well known for his philanthropic works during his entire lifetime. He associates and works with several reputed volunteer and charitable organizations in the USA. It makes him even more of an all-around person than one might initially think of him.

Facts You Should Know About John Skipper

There’s no doubt that John Skipper is one of the most influential and successful media executives in the USA. His contribution to making ESPN more diverse towards races and gender has been applauded and recognized by all.

Here, we will present you with some interesting and little-known facts about John Skipper. We hope that you love it.

Height and Weight

John has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. So, when compared to the average American, he is little in the shorter size. But he is taller than most Americans when it comes to success and achievements.  He weighs 71 KGs.

Career Success

John is credited hugely for making ESPN Inc. a great success story. As the president of sports television, he negotiated with the NBA to achieve the right for telecasting National American Basketball. It was worth a $12 billion deal for the nine years contract. It cemented ESPN as the leading sports media in the USA.

He also helped the channel win the broadcasting right for the College Football Playoff. It was worth $7.3 billion. He also negotiated deals to finalize the TV right for the four major grand slams. He even managed to sign a contract with the Masters’ Tournament of golf to live telecast the event on the air and on online platforms.

He was hailed dramatically for all these successes and was appointed as the Disney Media Network’s co-chairman.

Ambitious Projects

Throughout his career, John has tried his luck with some incredibly ambitious projects. It included The Undefeated, Grant Land, Five Thirty-Eight, and 30for30. He was largely credited for the success of those events. Also, people and media personalities give him accolades to diversify ESPN and reach to the subaltern people.

Reason of Resignation

When ESPN was touching new landmarks under his leadership, John resigned from his post in 2017. It came as a bolt from the blue to many people. Later, John revealed in an interview that he was struggling with substance addiction for several years. He resigned from his post to concentrate on his treatment.

He told Sports Illustrated briefly about his actual reason for resignation despite being so successful at ESPN. He felt threatened due to his addiction. He added that this would also threaten his professional life, family, and personal life. He didn’t want to put ESPN at stake due to his emotional ups and downs. So, he decided to retire temporarily so that ESPN remains unaffected due to his inconvenience.

However, people appreciated his thought and hailed him remarkably for his success.


In 2016 WISE (Women in Sports and Events) awarded John as the 2016 Champion. The annual award recognizes one male who has helped women in achieving success in their workplace.  In 2010, John received the ‘Outstanding’ award in Sports Emmy Function.


As of November 2020, John Skipper’s net worth is $25 million. Apart from his wealth, we must appreciate his dedication and outstanding contribution to sports media and journalism. He had outclassed most of his competitor media executives during his tenure at ESPN. Also, he brought several futuristic ideas in the sports live telecast that has cemented his place as a successful media personality.

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