Jon Daly Net Worth

Jon Daly Net Worth, Personal Information and Interesting Facts

Jon Daly is among the most popular American comedians at present. Besides his comedy skills, Jon has also shown his excellence in acting, producing, and writing sectors. Nonetheless, Jon is still known for his charismatic presence in the Kroll Show.

His iconic expressions, brilliant comic sense, and humor have made him one of the darlings of the audience. Naturally, people are interested to know about Jon Daly net worth, biography, interesting and unknown factors.

We wanted to fulfill the demand of his massive fan-following and researched on Jon. And guess what? We found some shocking and pretty exciting facts about him. At present, his net worth is well over $5 million, and it’s growing.

To learn more about Jon Daly, read the following sections of the article. You will love the information and entertaining facts.

Who Is Jon Daly?

Many readers might be confused with the name Jon Daly since an American golfer almost has a similar name, ‘John Daly.’ So, we wanted to eliminate such confusion and begin with a brief intro of Jon Daly for you.

He has different spellings of his name that follow as-

  • Jonathan C. Daly,
  • Jon C. Daly or
  • Jonathan Barney Daly,

Nonetheless, he is known as Jon Daly in the movie and film industry. He has acted in several popular and blockbusters movies. Plus, he has been part of many classic and high-rated comedy shows on different TV channels. He has already starred in dozens of movies, TV shows, couple of web series and featured even in music videos.

Even at his middle age, he has been successfully acting in movies, participating in TV comedy shows, and looking forward to work in different web series. His comic timing, punch lines, and brilliant expression have helped him earn massive success since his early career. That has resulted in good fortune for him to lead a comfortable life, if not lavish at least.

Jon Daly Net Worth

Jon Daly enjoys a successful filmography. His long career in the industry has helped him to become one of the richest American comedians of his age. As the 2023 data shows, Jon Daly has around $4 to $5 million of net worth as estimated.

He earned the wealth from his movies, TV shows, producing career, and live comedy shows. He still joins many comedy concerts around the country, and it remains as one of his premium earning sources. Also, with suchmassive net worth, Jon Daly truly lives a lavish life.

Jon Daly Family, Early Life and Education

There’s pretty little information available about the early life of Jon Daly. It’s partly because of his extreme private life and partly because he never talked about his parents and siblings in public shows and interviews.

As far as I have come to know that Jon was born on April 28, 1966. Currently, he ages a little over 54 and is approaching the latter half of his life. Although his birthplace is unknown, it is confirmed that he was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He had an unmentionable childhood.

However, he joined the improved performance at an early age. He joined the arts and performing show at the age of 16 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The show’s name was “Friday Night Improvs,” and it was a part of the University of Pittsburgh. He attended his high school here too.

Later he joined the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and completed his graduation here. As he was attending the university in North Carolina, he continued performing in the “Friday Night Improvs’ in Pittsburgh. The show laid his foundation as an excellent comedian and actor too. And at North Carolina, he learned acting and enhanced his already growing timing sense and expressions. It helped him in his film career, and he admitted it in several interviews.

Jon Daly Filmography and Career

Compared to many American comedians, Jon started his acting career pretty late. He first acted in the film 13th Child. It was released in 2002, and from then on, Jon had seen a big turn-around in his career.  For the next few years, he acted in multiple movies.

In 2006 he acted in three movies which were a series. His movie name was MC Record Deal, and his acting was highly appreciated by both critics and audiences. Following his early success in the movie, he entered the TV show arena in 2007. His first TV show was Fat Guy Stuck on the Internet, where he played the co-role of Coffee Burned Co-Worker.

For the next few years, he overcame his struggling career and started showing promise. His biggest career breakthrough came in 2013 as he joined the TV show ‘Kroll Show.’ He was, in fact, the writer of the show. It was an immediate hit among American audiences. The TV series continued for the next two seasons until 2015 and was among the highest TRP receiver of its kind. His role was praised by all. Plus, he was the co-executive producer of the show. Its popularity has helped him in getting better offers from film and TV shows. Plus, it ushered his appearance as a script and story writer and producer in various upcoming shows.

Who Is Jon Daly Dating?

Jon Daly is a family man. He is happily married to Sarah Daly. We are yet to receive any proper identification about her. Plus, the couple has kept their life pretty secret. Hence, we don’t have any information about their kids at all.

Jon Daly Net Worth


Jon Daly, the popular comedian, and actor has seen tremendous success in his acting life. His tally of hit movies and TV shows is truly unthinkable. Thus, he has earned a handsome amount during his 15+ years of acting and film career.

We estimated that Jon Daly net worth is around $4.5 million. He leads a quiet lavish life and enjoys his family time. We wish him further success. Also, we will come up with new episodes on him ASAP if we get any authentic information about the popular actor and comedian.

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