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Blog Title: The Surprising Net Worth of Jovi from 90 Day Fiancé

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If you’re a fan of the wildly popular reality show, 90 Day Fiancé, then you’re probably familiar with Jovi Dufren. Known for his party-boy persona, Jovi made waves on the show with his fiery romance with girlfriend Yara. But while the couple has had their fair share of drama, there’s no denying that Jovi has had a successful career prior to appearing on the show. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into Jovi’s net worth and the surprising sources behind it.

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Jovi may seem like just another guy on reality TV, but he’s actually a skilled underwater robotics specialist. Prior to his television debut, Jovi was already making a good income as an ROV (remotely operated vehicles) supervisor. He’s travelled to locations all over the world, working on offshore oil rigs, drilling platforms and survey vessels. Of course, these jobs often come with their own set of risks, but Jovi’s technical expertise has served him well. According to sources, his work experience has earned him a six-figure income.

While his full-time job alone is impressive, Jovi also has another profitable hobby. He’s a competitive poker player and has been known to play in high-stakes games. Poker tournaments and cash games have high earning potentials and many pro players make millions of dollars every year. While it’s not clear in what capacity Jovi played poker (online or live), sources say he’s won several significant sums playing, although unfortunately we don’t have figures on exactly how much.

One of Jovi’s most significant sources of income is real estate investments. In recent years, Jovi has flipped several houses and made significant profits. Flipping houses, even on a small scale, can be a lucrative business, as the profits made on each sale can be substantial. While it’s not clear when Jovi began investing in real estate, it’s clear that he has a business mindset and the ambition to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Aside from his day job and investments, Jovi also earns money from sponsored internships and events. As part of his work as an ROV supervisor, he has participated in a few sponsored events where he has given talks and shared his expertise. Based on the nature of his work, it’s clear that Jovi has built a strong, professional network that has enabled him to earn money in diverse ways, even before appearing on national television.


Jovi may have only recently appeared on 90 Day Fiancé, but he has clearly built a diverse set of income streams over the years. His success as an ROV supervisor, his formidable poker skills, and his business savvy in real estate all point towards a strong work ethic and the drive to succeed. While we can only estimate Jovi’s net worth, it’s clear that he has built a solid foundation of sustainable income streams that will continue to serve him well in the years to come.

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