Michael and ariel Tyson net worth

Today we discuss Michael and ariel Tyson’s net worth. Michael and Ariel Tyson have proven that hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of creativity can take you a long way in life. This power couple has amassed incredible wealth over the years, thanks to their numerous investments and business ventures that have yielded remarkable returns. In this blog post, we will delve into the compelling story of Michael and Ariel Tyson, their net worth, and the secrets behind their success.

Michael and ariel Tyson net worth:

Michael Tyson was born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. He went on to become a world-renowned boxer and was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the late 80s and early 90s. His boxing career helped him accumulate an estimated net worth of $3 million, which may seem small compared to other wealthy athletes, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg for the Tyson family’s overall wealth.

Ariel, on the other hand, is the daughter of James Stryker, the founder of Fortune Capital, a private equity firm specializing in real estate, renewable energy, and infrastructure. Ariel’s professional background in real estate and finance makes her a perfect match for Michael, and together they make a formidable team.

In addition to boxing, Tyson has been involved in several movie and TV projects over the years. He has appeared in movies like The Hangover, Rocky Balboa, and Ip Man 3, and has hosted his reality show called Tyson’s Punch-Out.

These appearances have added to Michael’s earnings and added to his net worth, which now stands at $10 million. Ariel, on the other hand, has made a name for herself in the real estate business. With Fortune Capital, she has spearheaded numerous projects and investments, and her net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

One of the most notable investments that the couple made was in the cannabis industry. Tysons Holistic was founded in 2016, and it is a company that aims to bring high-quality cannabis products to the market. Through this venture, Michael and Ariel have taken advantage of the growing trend of marijuana legalization and have capitalized on it.

Their investment in Tysons Holistic could have well contributed to their estimated net worth of $155 million. Furthermore, their investments in the real estate industry have also brought considerable returns, growing their wealth exponentially.

The couple lives a life of opulence, enjoying the fruits of their labor. They have a home in Henderson, Nevada, which features a pool, a basketball court, and a basement equipped with a full-size boxing ring. The home is valued at $2.5 million.

Michael also owns a mansion in Ohio and several cars, including a Bentley Continental GT, a Rolls-Royce, and a Lamborghini Murcielago. The luxury vehicles, combined with their homes and other extravagant purchases, demonstrate their love for the high life.


From humble beginnings, Michael, and Ariel have worked their way up to build an impressive fortune that has allowed them to live the life of their dreams. Their achievements demonstrate that with hard work, perseverance, and good investment strategy, anything is possible.

They have managed to leverage their talents and knowledge to create multiple streams of income that would sustain them for a lifetime. Michael and Ariel Tyson’s net worth serves as an inspiration to us all, as it shows that anyone can achieve success with the right mindset and plan of action.

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