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Facts You Didn’t Know About Nick Colletti Net Worth and Biography

Today we discuss Nick Colletti Net Worth. Nick Colletti, the 26-year-old rapper, and musician, has become an internet personality thanks to his amicable behavior and charming personality. His communications with the audience and fans during the live concerts have made him the apple of the eye for all.

Hence, many people are interested to know about Nick Colletti’s net worth. We will disclose the details of his net worth here, plus a short biography of the rapper will follow. So, Nick Colletti fans, aren’t you excited?

A Brief Biography of Nick Colletti

Nick Colletti or Nicholas Colletti was born in Honolulu on 3rd July 1994. He had been a fan of music ever since he was a child and showed interest in music from his early life. However, what’s more, surprising is that almost nothing or little is known about his childhood.

His parents’ names are unknown to us, and even we had no clue about his siblings. Many people have tried to seek that information but have failed.  Nick seems to keep his family life private, and we respect his considerations.

In the last couple of years, Hawaiian hip-hop music has become one of the most famous rappers in the USA and worldwide.  In fact, he started his professional music career in 2015 only. And within this short period of 5 years, he has earned an excellent fan following and craziness.

His fan following is increasing rapidly, and currently, he is one of the highest searched celebrities in the USA.  And it’s totally worth it since some of his songs and musical arrangements have set fire on the stage with memorable tunes and his magical voice.

Some of his most popular and sold songs are-

  • Waikiki
  • Magic
  • Shampoo
  • Chode Blowin’

However, his first breakthrough performance came when he composed, edited, and directed the song ‘Wobby Woo.’ It also went on to become one of his all-time musical hits and helped him establish his career quickly.

Nick Colletti Net Worth

Although Nick is a popular hip hop musician and rapper, his career’s net worth until now is controversial. Different celebrity magazines have further speculations about Nick’s net worth. What’s more surprising is that the net worth varies substantially with various magazines, especially those of Page 3.

However, we have researched the market, such as his fan following, popularity graph, and songs view in social media and sales, to estimate the net worth.

As our estimation says and most will agree, the total net worth of Nick Colletti is $425 thousand. However, some estimates his property worth is around 0.7 million USD with his current popularity graph in late 2020.

Exciting Facts About Nick Colletti Net Worth

We have discussed the brief biography and net worth of the sensational Nick Colletti in the two above-mentioned sections. However, we understand that you might want to know extra mileage about him as a fan of this young musician.

We have picked some fun and exciting facts about the hip-hop star for which fans search Google the most. It will help you know about your favorite star more, for sure.


Nick Colletti has a pseudonym by which he is known mostly in the stage. Fans call him Yung Turd, and his songs on different platforms are available with the same name. So, don’t be confused if you see Yung Turd on the stage to set fire. It is your favorite Nick.

Girlfriends and Wives

Nick seems to maintain a low profile and keeps his personal life strictly private. Hence, there’s no information on his family life, including girlfriends or wives. In fact, there’s no gossip going around him, such as whom he dates, etc.

Residence and Cars

Currently, Nick lives in Los Angles. However, no one has concrete information on his automobile vehicles until now.


Nicholas is a straight person. However, Nick is not one of them who circulates their partner names in the media and public.

First Breakthrough

As mentioned previously, Nick got attention from the public and went viral with his song Wobby Woo. He created a video for the music, and audiences almost immediately grabbed it. Since then, he has never look behind and has been delivering some of the most popular songs of the last few years.

Favorite Moves

Nicholas, in a recent interview, said that he is a big fan of Hobbit movies. He enjoys watching Lord of Rings and Batman Returns.

Favorite Books

Likewise, for most early 2000s kids, Nick is a big fan of Harry Potter. He also loves reading fairy tales and comic novels a lot.

Childhood Interest

Even in his childhood, Nick was fond of video editing. He was keenly interested in knowing the process of film making, video creating, and editing. As he grew up, he started learning the basics of content creation, video editing, and music.

Future Aim

Nicholas wants to be a future producer and wants to help the budding musicians of the industry. Also, he wants to grow a close relationship with his fans through music editing, video creation, and so on.

Facial Appearance

Nicks receives a lot of questions about his fair hair. So, we investigated the matter and found that his golden hair was natural, and there’s no artificial hair plantation. Also, he has a mustache along with a trimmed beard.


He owns a bulldog. His favorite animal is a hamster. Also, he has a great love for dogs and likes feeding stray dogs in the streets.


So, here’s the summary of Nick Colletti net worth. He has an estimated 0.7 million USD of net worth, while some sources claim it is about 450 thousand USD.  However, if we set apart his present net worth and look into the feature, it reveals some promising truth about the rapper sensation.  The way he shows his creativity and getting engaged with audiences, soon his net worth will cross a few million dollars for sure.

Hence, Nick’s fans have some pretty exciting news to cheer for now.

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