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rick james net worth at death

Today we discuss rick james net worth at death. Singer, songwriter, and producer Rick James was a musical legend who helped shape the sound of R&B in the 1970s and 1980s. Though he passed away in 2004, his influence is still felt today. So, what was Rick James’ net worth at the time of his death? Let’s take a look.

rick james net worth at death:

Rick James’ Net Worth:

Rick James had a long and successful career in music, one that spanned four decades. During that time, he released multiple albums, toured the world, and produced hits for other artists. When he passed away in 2004, his estate was valued at $5 million.

Of that $5 million, $4 million came from royalties and residuals earned from his music. The remaining $1 million came from real estate holdings and other investments. In addition to the $5 million net worth he had at the time of his death, Rick James also left behind a large catalog of unreleased music. It’s estimated that this catalog is worth between $10-$20 million.

rick james net worth


Though he passed away over 15 years ago, Rick James‘ influence on the world of R&B is still felt today. He was a true musical pioneer whose work has inspired generations of artists. When he died in 2004, Rick James had a net worth of $5 million. However, thanks to the large catalog of unreleased music he left behind, his estate is now worth an estimated $15-$25 million.

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