Rodney Perry Net Worth and His Career Information

Today we will discuss Rodney Perry Net Worth. Rodney Perry is one of the most popular American comedian and TV show hosts presently. He became famous for his late-night show on BET and enjoyed great popularity. He also took part in many comedy shows and TV programs ever since he has been in the media.

Naturally, Rodney Perry net worth isn’t ignorable. He has, in fact, earned great luck and leads a lavish life. He has also acted in a few movies, which further helped him gain a massive fan following and wealth at the same time.

He has been the talk of the media town for his stylish look and impeccable dressing sense. We will today look deep into his net worth, family life, career, and some key interesting facts.

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Rodney Perry Birth, Early Life, and Education

Rodney Perry was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 15, 1970. Currently, he ages over 50 and has been acting and participating in different comedy shows superbly.

Although he was born in Chicago, he was brought up in Monroe, Louisiana. There’s no information about his education. However, the United States Navy played a key part in shaping his career as a comedian.

There he performed in several shows right in front of the toughest audiences of army and navy persons. It boosted his confidence as he received massive appreciation from the audience. But he soon found an even better place.

He moved to the Bay area. There he got acquainted with several other comedians. It helped him massively to hone and further craft his comedy skill. And his hard work soon paid him. As he perfected his stage performance and dialogue-throwing skills, he soon got some recognition. It inspired him to move forward.

He then observed people at their different workplaces, talked with them, and find how people behave on various occasions. Then, he crafted his comedy art, and that worked as his career-building point.

Career and Successes  

As Rodney Perry’s fame as a comedian grew, he eventually was called into television shows. However, the 1st gave voice-overs in TV shows. His 1st voice was in Lil’ Deacon. In the next show, he also participated as a voice-over artist.

Luckily, his breakthrough came soon as he appeared directly on the TV show. His 1st appearance was in the show Chelsea Lately as a panelist. Nonetheless, the biggest breakthrough of his TV career came from the show Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes? The show was already a popular one.

He co-hosted and served as Man of Street of this popular show for four straight years. It enjoyed one of the best TRP in TV One’s rating. The comedy show helped him earn massive recognition.

As his TV shows increased, he eventually entered in movie arena. Thanks to his witty dialogue and excellent comedy timing, he soon became a popular movie comedian too. His 1st appeared movie was Livin’ the Life. His role was the uncle of the protagonist, and his witty presentation was loved by all. Some of his most famous movies include-

  • Once Upon a Time in Detroit in 2017
  • Madea’s Big Happy Family in 2011
  • The Last Laugh in 2011
  • Red Rum in 2007
  • Tears of Clown in 2005

In 2011, in the film Madea’s Big Happy Family, he teamed up with Tyler Perry. The film was a medium hit, and it helped Rodney earn a good fortune. The Last Laugh was also published in 2011, and it was a movie based entirely on comedy. And he played a key role in the film.

At present, he is continuously touring as a stand-up comedian in different cities in the US. People love his acting and expression in such comedy shows.

Rodney Perry Net Worth

Rodney Perry works as a stand-up comedian, movie actor, TV show host, and actor. All these have helped him lead a lavish life. Currently, his net worth is around $2.5 million.

He is, at present, one of the richest US comedians, along with Gerry Dee and Ellen Cleghorne. That speaks about his earnings. The massive wealth has helped him lead a more than sober lifestyle. However, Rodney is well-known among his fan and introducers for his amicable and gentle behavior. Also, he is pretty down-to-earth and loves reciprocating with his fan base severely.

Most of his earnings come from comedy shows and movie acting. However, he is also a writer, and he earns a good royalty from his book-selling revenue.

Family and Interesting Facts About Rodney Perry

There’s little information about Rodney Perry’s early and present family life. The name of his parents and siblings are unknown. Similarly, we have no information about his present family, marriage life, and kids. It’s partly because of his secretive personal life.

Now, let’s focus on some interesting facts about Rodney Perry. It might surprise you. To begin with, we have his movie career starting. In 2003 he appeared in the film with or Without You. His role in the film was a guard, and he had only a few minutes of screen share in it. But even with such a small screen share, he was able to attract the audience.

His most famous TV show is The Mo’Nique Show. The night comedy show made him a nationwide famous person. He truly became an iconic comedian figure with this show. He was a part of the show from 2009 to 2011, along with Mo’Nique. It was one of the highest watched shows during that time.


Rodney Perry is a successful comedian and movie actor. Thus, he has earned massive wealth during his career in the industry. Currently, Rodney Perry’s net worth stands at $2.5 million, which places him right up among the richest American comedians.

He is currently ages a little over 50 and is touring heavily in different states with his comedy shows. So, did you watch any of his shows? Or, do you have any plans?

Rodney Perry Net Worth and His Career Information

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