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Today we discuss terry gannon net worth. Terry Gannon is a fictional character from the popular Netflix show, “Glow.” She first appeared in the series as a washed-up soap opera actress who takes on a role in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) show. Since her debut, Terry has become a fan favorite due to her unique personality and witty one-liners. But how much money does she have? Let’s take a look at Terry Gannon’s net worth.

terry gannon net worth:

The Actress Behind The Character
Terry Gannon is played by actor Alison Brie, who has been acting since 2004. Before appearing in GLOW, she was best known for her roles in Mad Men and Community. Alison is also an accomplished voice actor and has worked on several animated projects over the years, including BoJack Horseman and Lego Movie 2.

She has won numerous awards for her acting work, including two Critics’ Choice Television Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and the Most Exciting New Series for GLOW. Given her long list of credits, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Alison Brie has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Terry Gannon’s Net Worth
While the precise amount of money that Terry Gannon makes is unknown, we can make some assumptions based on the salary range for actors on television shows such as GLOW. According to Glassdoor, actresses on TV shows such as GLOW typically make between $50k-$100k per episode depending on their star power and experience level.

As one of the main characters in GLOW, it’s likely that Alison Brie earned somewhere near this range when she signed up for the show back in 2017 (though this number could be higher or lower depending on various factors). So while we don’t know exactly how much money Terry Gannon makes each year, we can guess that it’s somewhere within this ballpark range given Alison Brie’s success as an actor over the years.


Given all of this information, we can reasonably assume that Terry Gannon has an impressive net worth – even if the exact amounts are unknown! While we may never know just how much money she earns each year from her role on GLOW or other projects, what we do know is that Alison Brie is an incredibly talented performer with decades of experience under her belt – which means that she’s no doubt raking in some serious cash! With such an impressive resume it’s no wonder fans love watching Terry Gannon each week!

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