what is linda evans doing now?

Today we discuss what is linda evans doing now. Linda Evans is a name synonymous with some of the most iconic television shows of the 70s and 80s. From playing Audra Barkley on The Big Valley, to her portrayal of Krystle Carrington on Dynasty, Linda has staked her claim as one of television’s legendary leading ladies. Her career spanned several decades, and with her last acting job over a decade ago, fans have been left wondering; what is Linda Evans doing now?

what is linda evans doing now?:

Linda Evans started her career in the 60s, playing minor roles in TV shows and films. But it wasn’t until the 70s and her prominent role as Audra Barkley on The Big Valley that she began to rise to fame.

Since then, she’s made many successful appearances on both TV and film, but her most significant role came in the mid-80s when she was cast as Krystle Carrington on Dynasty.

Her success on the show was so significant that she earned a Golden Globe award and an Emmy nomination. But after Dynasty, Linda took a step back from the spotlight, and her fans have been wondering what happened to her since then.

So, what is Linda Evans doing now? Well, Linda may not be on the big or small screen as much anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still involved in the entertainment industry.

In fact, Linda has taken on a new role as a bestselling author. She’s authored two books so far; her first book, “Recipes for Life,” published in 2011, is a memoir and cookbook combination. Her second book, “Linda Evans Beauty and Exercise Book,” was released soon after and focuses on the actress’s health and wellness.

Aside from writing, Linda Evans is also an active member of several charities, including the Red Cross, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She has donated generously to these organizations over the years and has been an advocate for their causes, helping to shed light on important issues and raise funds for those in need.

In addition to her charity work, Linda has also remained a private person and chooses to spend her time with friends and family. In an interview with People Magazine, Linda opened up about her life now, saying, “Today, I’m very content with the fact that I have great friends, a great family, and I’m enjoying my life.” She also spoke about how she’s battling health issues, including fatigue and diet restrictions, but despite her ailments, Linda maintains a positive outlook on life.


It’s clear that Linda Evans has been keeping busy since stepping away from Hollywood’s limelight. She may not be acting as much anymore, but she’s found her passion in writing and has stayed true to her charitable roots while enjoying her private life. Linda’s legacy as a leading lady will always be remembered, but it’s heartening to know that she has found contentment and fulfillment outside the industry.

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