zip-it bedding shark tank net worth

zip-it bedding shark tank net worth

Today we discuss zip-it bedding shark tank net worth. Zip-it Bedding made a splash on the popular television show Shark Tank when they pitched their revolutionary bedding system to the investors. So, what is the net worth of this successful business? Let’s take a look at how Zip-it Bedding got its start, what it took for them to be featured on Shark Tank, and how much money it earned from the investment.

zip-it bedding shark tank net worth

The Start of Zip-it Bedding

Zip-it Bedding was founded by two brothers from Tampa, Florida who wanted to make making beds easier and faster. They came up with a unique zippered bedding system that allows people to make their beds in seconds without having to worry about constantly tucking in sheets or blankets. It was a simple but effective solution that allowed people to quickly make their beds with ease.

Getting On Shark Tank

When deciding which businesses would be featured on Shark Tank, producers look for companies that have innovative products and strong potential for success. The brothers behind Zip-it Bedding had both of those qualities, so they were invited to pitch their product on the show. During their pitch, they explained why their product was different from traditional bedding systems and showed off how easy it was to use. The Sharks were impressed by the concept and ended up investing $200,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the company.

Zip-it Bedding’s Net Worth

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Zip-It Bedding has seen incredible growth due to increased exposure from the show. As of 2023, it is estimated that Zip-It Bedding’s net worth is around $2 million dollars thanks in large part to its success on Shark Tank and subsequent exposure through other channels like social media and online advertising campaigns.

zip-it bedding shark tank net worth


Zip-it Bedding has become an incredibly successful business since appearing on Shark Tank in 2014. From humble beginnings as a simple idea shared between two brothers, Zip-It Bedding has grown into a million-dollar business thanks to its innovative product design and savvy marketing strategy after being featured on the show. With a current estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, it’s clear that Zip-It bedding’s appearance on Shark Tank has paid off in spades!

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