what is anna delvey net worth

Today we will discuss anna delvey net worth. In recent years, Anna Sorokin, or better known as Anna Delvey, has been a name that has been echoing along the streets of New York City. Her lavish lifestyle full of spa treatments, private jets, and expensive clothing drew attention before she was arrested and sentenced to jail for grand larceny among other charges. But what has caught the attention of many is her net worth. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the enigmatic net worth of Anna Delvey.

anna delvey net worth

Firstly, it is important to note that Anna’s net worth fluctuations seem to be a truly mysterious issue since there are no reliable sources of verification. The well-known fact is that Anna was a socialite in the New York City elite class, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and attending exclusive events. According to some sources, her net worth was thought to be in the region of $25 million. However, the truth is far from that, as she was revealed to be a fraudster who built her reputed wealth on fraudulent credit schemes.

Secondly, sources investigating Sorokin’s real net worth claim that she was supported by a wealthy German entrepreneur who acted as her mentor and may have had deeper connections in high society circles than Sorokin herself. Anna was known to be living in a luxurious hotel in Manhattan, the city’s infamous 11 Howard Hotel. The hotel bills were never paid, and it was later discovered that her mentor was paying her bills while she went undercover as the wealthy Anna Delvey.

Thirdly, Anna was caught by the authorities when she tried to enter into a leasing agreement with the heads of a non-profit art organization for an art club that she was proposing. It was obvious that the deal was a fraudulent scheme, and soon enough, she was found out. Her true identity was revealed, and she had no other option than to plead guilty.

Fourthly, Sorokin spent months living a life many could only dream of, from private jets and designer clothes to five-star hotels and champagne-soaked parties, all while unpaid bills mounted up. She was living a life that was easy to maintain while using other people’s money. The prosecution was tough on her, with a determined effort to seek justice after her fraudulent activities were uncovered.


The net worth of Anna Delvey is one that remains an enigma to many, with so much speculation around it. Her supposed lavish lifestyle, which was financed by fraudulent activities, led to her being exposed as an imposter. The true value of her belongings and assets is still unknown, but her reputation has suffered greatly as a result of her fraudulent activities. The Anna Delvey story should be a lesson to everyone that our deeds eventually catch up with us, and honesty is the best policy.

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