fat joe net worth 2023 Forbes

Today we will discuss fat joe net worth 2023 Forbes. When we think about hip-hop moguls, names like Jay-Z and Diddy instantly come to mind. However, one name that often goes overlooked in that conversation, but has amassed a fortune that would make anyone envious, is Fat Joe.

Formerly known as Fat Joe Da Gangsta, Joseph Antonio Cartagena has been a staple in the rap industry for over two decades. Whether it’s rapping, producing, managing other artists, or hosting his own podcast, the Bronx native has continued his steady rise to the top. But how much exactly is Fat Joe worth? To answer that, we delve into the Fat Joe Net Worth 2023 Forbes.

fat joe net worth 2023 Forbes

Fat Joe first got into the rap game in the early 90s, releasing his debut album “Represent” in 1993. Since then, he’s gone on to release twelve studio albums, collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business, and manage successful talents like Remy Ma.

However, most of Fat Joe’s wealth doesn’t come from music alone. The rapper has diversified his portfolio and branched out into entrepreneurship and television. His sneaker boutique, UP NYC, is said to bring in over $90,000 a month in revenue, while his role as an executive producer for the VH1 hit show “Love and Hip Hop” helps him cash an impressive paycheck every season.

But that’s not all. Fat Joe also saw the potential in the digital space and invested in Tidal, Jay-Z’s music streaming platform. With the company’s continued growth and acquisition by Square, the New Yorker has seen a substantial increase in his net worth as the platform’s stocks continue to perform well.

Not to mention, he’s maintained a 20-year partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, promoting their brand through commercials and campaigns.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Fat Joe’s current net worth is $4o million. But with the way he continues to diversify his investment portfolio, that number is expected to increase significantly by 2023.

We can expect the rapper to continue investing in innovative startups, as well as expanding his current ventures.

Additionally, he’s reportedly working on an autobiographical docuseries, which may become a valuable asset to increase his net worth.


Fat Joe may not be the first name that comes to mind when we think of the wealthiest rap moguls, but his net worth proves that he deserves a spot right alongside them. With a varied portfolio that extends beyond his roots in music, Fat Joe has truly made his mark as a successful entrepreneur.

His ventures and investments have allowed him to continuously grow his fortune, with projections for his worth to continue rising in the coming years. It’ll be interesting to see how his new ventures unfold, and whether his net worth will see exponential growth in the next couple of years.

Keep an eye on Fat Joe – you could learn a thing or two from him and his empire.

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