george o gore ii net worth

Today we will discuss george o gore ii net worth. George O Gore II is a name you may not be familiar with unless you were an avid watcher of the hit TV show My Wife and Kids in the early 2000s. However, the actor has had a long and successful career since the show’s end, continuing to garner success in both TV and film. But what many don’t know is just how successful he’s been financially. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the surprising net worth of George O Gore II.

george o gore ii net worth

Despite the relative obscurity of his name, George O Gore II has had a steady stream of acting roles throughout his career. He started his career at a young age, appearing in commercials before landing the role of Michael Kyle Jr. on My Wife and Kids. Since the show ended in 2005, Gore has continued to work consistently in the industry, appearing in shows like New York Undercover, Touched By An Angel, and more recently, the hit FOX drama 9-1-1. He has also appeared in several films, including Lockdown, The Devil’s Advocate, and The Gospel.

But what does this all add up to in terms of net worth? According to, Gore has an estimated net worth of $2 million. While this may not seem like a lot compared to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, it’s an impressive sum for someone who has remained relatively under the radar compared to some of his peers in the industry.

But how did he accumulate such wealth? It’s worth noting that the majority of Gore’s success has come from acting roles, including his lead role on My Wife and Kids. However, he has also worked as a producer on several projects, including the TV movie Black Poker Stars Invitational. Additionally, Gore has dabbled in directing, helming an episode of the TV show Power in 2017.

While finances are often considered a private matter, it’s interesting to note the success that George O Gore II has had in his career thus far. He’s been able to consistently work in the entertainment industry and has clearly made a name for himself despite not being a household name. And his net worth only adds to the success he’s been able to achieve in his career.

George O Gore II may not be a name you hear thrown around often in Hollywood, but his career and surprising net worth prove that he’s been able to make a splash in the entertainment industry. Whether he’s acting, producing, or directing, Gore has established himself as a talented and versatile professional. And while $2 million may not seem like a lot compared to some of the industry’s biggest names, it’s still an impressive sum for someone who has remained relatively under the radar throughout his career.

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