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John Belushi was one of the most beloved comedic actors of the 20th century. He was best known for his roles in the cult classic films Animal House and The Blues Brothers, as well as his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. But what was John Belushi’s net worth? Let’s take a look back at his life and legacy to find out.

john Belushi’s net worth:

John Belushi began his career in Chicago, where he studied acting and improvisation before joining the Second City comedy troupe in 1973. He quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his signature brand of absurdist humor, which earned him a spot on the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1975. During his time on SNL, he created some of the show’s most memorable characters, including Samurai Warrior and The Olympia Restaurant waiter.

Belushi left SNL in 1979 for Hollywood stardom, starring alongside Dan Aykroyd in two iconic films: Animal House (1978) and The Blues Brothers (1980). Both films were critical and commercial successes, earning Belushi both fame and fortune. At the time of his death in 1982, it is estimated that he had amassed a net worth of approximately $8 million dollars—a number that continues to climb today due to ongoing residuals from these films.

In addition to box office success, Belushi also released several albums with Aykroyd as part of The Blues Brothers Band. Their debut album Briefcase Full Of Blues reached #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 list shortly after its release in 1978, while their follow-up album Made In America achieved Gold certification by the RIAA just four months after its release. This musical success only added to Belushi’s already considerable wealth.


Even though John Belushi passed away nearly four decades ago, he still remains one of the most beloved comedic performers from the 20th century. His influence can still be seen today through his unforgettable film roles as well as his musical contributions to The Blues Brothers Band.

By all accounts, it appears that John Belushi had amassed an impressive net worth of approximately $8 million dollars at the time of his death in 1982—a number that will continue to grow for years to come thanks to ongoing royalties from both film and music projects. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten!

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