Junior Edwards Net Worth and His Facts That You Didn’t Know

Today we will discuss Junior Edwards Net Worth. Junior Edwards is a famous TV personality. He hosted the History Channel’s Swamp People, and it earned him immediate popularity and a fan base that even some experienced hosts would envy for sure. He hosted the show with his son Willie Edwards, and they together appeared in several reality shows and TV series.

He is also a fisherman, hunter, and craftsman. All these qualities have been attributed to his remarkable fan following. Consequently, many people ask about Junior Edwards net worth. They also want to know about Edwards’ personal life, his relationship with his son Willie, and his plans.

We have come up with the answers to all these questions for his fans.

So, cheer up.

Junior Edwards Biography and Trivia

Junior Edwards worked in the Swamp people series alongside Bayou, which is one of the USA’s most popular and exotic swamp forest areas. The show helped him grow as a reputable and formidable hunter across Louisiana, America.

Junior Edwards is famous for working with his son Willie Edwards in several hunting and fishing programs. He has a career in fishing, hinting, and TV series that expands over three decades now. For the past few years, he has been working with his son Willie.

Their albeit combustion team has terrific chemistry and always comes up with comic relief in tense moments. Junior Edwards excels in gun shooting and his son; Willie is an expert in making hooks. They use the clips to trap gators.

The partnership of Junior Edwards with his son, Willie, has seen immense success in TV shows.  In the Reality Television show, they have several times now. Fans of the popular reality show have received the father and son duo with remarkable appreciation ad love.

You will most likely see the fans chanting their names with the same strength and voice when Junior Edwards appears on the screen with his son.

Junior Edwards Net Worth

You must understand that whenever we talk about the net worth of Junior Edwards, it also counts for his son Willie. It is because the father and son duo is inseparable, both in personal and professional life.

So, what is the net worth of the father-son partnership?

You should, by this time, realize that Edwards’s venture is not limited to hunting or fishing only. He also appeared in TV shows with his son. As his son Willie appeared in at least 70 presentations for Swamp Forest, the show had earned them a handsome fortune.

It was estimated that the hunter’s salary during the show was $10000 approximately.  So, it wasn’t an insufficient amount for any reason at all. Also, both the father and son are professional hunters and fishermen and live on fishing for earning.

It is estimated that Junior currently has a net worth of $750,000 (November 09, 2020). He earned the property from his TV shows, reality show appearances, and commercial fishing around Louisiana.

Five Facts You Might Not Know About Junior Edwards

Apart from the net worth of Junior Edwards, fans also want to know about his personal life. They are especially keen to understand his relationship with his son Willie apart from the TV shows.  Hence, we have investigated his life like Sherlock Holmes.

And we revealed the following five facts about Edwards that will surprise you.

1. The father and son are closer than you might anticipate

When you have watched Swamp People, you might have seen Edward yelling at his son. It might lead to a misconception for you that Edwards doesn’t like his son. Well, the actual scenario is just on the other side of the fence.

Willie is immensely loyal and obedient to his father. Also, in his personal life, Junior had taught his son everything from hunting to fishing. Also, they share great moments.  It is clear from the fact that Willie never showed any anger or disobedience to his father. Also, you will clearly see Junior Edwards’ love for his son when he truly helps Willie to learn the minute techniques with perfection.

2. Junior isn’t afraid of going the distance for hunting alligators

When you watched Swamp people, you might have noticed Junior doing everything that a regular hunter and angler will do. He uses the smelliest baits, makes sure his baits are on the right distance and work for 16-18 hours.

But what makes him stand apart from other hunters in the show is his willingness to go the distance to catch the loose alligators. It is, no doubt, dangerous, but it yields results, too.

3. Junior Edwards is a professional fisherman

Most hunters, if not all, move to different professions to earn their bread and butter; Junior has a big difference from them. Once the show is over, Junior will continue fishing and hunting to make his actual livelihood.

Yes, you guessed it right. Junior is a commercial fisherman.  He explores Louisiana all year long to fish and hunt in the wild games. Since the fishing market of Louisiana is incredibly volatile, it shows Junior’s extreme passion for the profession.

4. The father-son duo wasn’t fired

There is a widespread opinion that Willie and Junior Edwards were fired from Swamp People because they demanded more money for the show. However, both stated and insisted that the popular opinion wasn’t right.

Actually, the partnership tried some intense campaigns for their version of the show. And so, they were engaged in a conflict with the authority and were out of the show.

5. The duo isn’t preparing for the next show

Many audiences and fans are expecting Junior Edwards will return to another blockbuster show with his son, Willie. However, if you are one of those thinkers, we have sad news for you. At present, Junior is happy with his wild game hunting.

Also, he is not preparing for any TV shows.


Junior Edwards net worth is $500000. However, it also has a proportion of his son Willie Edwards. But we don’t ardently know who has how much ownership of the property. The son and father partnership showed their brilliance in the TV show but later were pushed out of the show.

They are now living on their commercial hunting and fishing jobs.

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