what is ken jennings net worth

Today we discuss ken jennings net worth. Ken Jennings is a well-known name in the world of game shows. He is best known for his record-breaking run on the game show Jeopardy!, where he won 74 consecutive games and took home more than $3 million in prize money. But what is Ken Jennings’ net worth? Let’s take a look.

ken jennings net worth:

Jennings’ television appearances have certainly been a major source of income for him. In addition to his stint on Jeopardy!, Jennings has also appeared on a number of other game shows, including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, The Chase, and Masterminds. He has also made guest appearances on scripted television shows like Bones and Hawaii Five-0. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jennings’ TV earnings total more than $4 million.

In addition to his television work, Jennings is also a successful author. He has written a number of books, including two memoirs about his time on Jeopardy! (Brainiac and Maphead), as well as a series of children’s books about geography. His books have earned him more than $1 million in royalties and advances.

Jennings’ investments and real estate portfolio are also likely sources of income for him. In 2012, he invested in the board game company PlayMonster, which was acquired by Mattel for $500 million just four years later. And in 2019, he purchased a home in Seattle for $2.2 million. Add it all up, and Celebrity Net Worth pegs Ken Jennings’ net worth at $8 million. Not bad for someone who started out as a software engineer!


Ken Jennings is best known as the guy who won 74 games of Jeopardy! in a row back in 2004. But did you know that he’s also an accomplished author and investor? All told, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Ken Jennings’ net worth at $8 million—not bad for someone who started out as a software engineer!

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