mahalia jackson net worth

mahalia jackson net worth at time of death

Today we discuss mahalia jackson net worth. Mahalia Jackson was a renowned gospel singer who was known as “The Queen of Gospel Music.” She had a prolific career that spanned four decades and earned her numerous awards. Her legacy lives on today, and in this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at her net worth at the time of her death.

mahalia jackson net worth at time of death:

Mahalia Jackson’s Career Highlights

Jackson began singing in church choirs when she was just 8 years old. By the age of 16, she had left home to pursue a career in gospel music. She eventually moved to Chicago, where she became one of the most influential figures in gospel music. Her performances were so powerful that she gained national attention and even caught the ear of Martin Luther King Jr., who asked her to sing in his 1963 March on Washington speech.

Throughout her career, Jackson released several albums and singles, including “Move On Up a Little Higher,” which sold over 8 million copies worldwide. In addition to releasing music, she also starred in movies such as “The Story of Mahalia Jackson” (1975) and “My Name Is Mahalia” (2003). By the time of her death in 1972, she had achieved worldwide fame and recognition for her contributions to gospel music.

Mahalia Jackson’s Net Worth at the Time of Death

At the time of her death, it is estimated that Jackson had accumulated a net worth of $2 million. This amount may seem small by today’s standards, but it was actually quite large for someone with no formal education or business background during her lifetime. Much of this wealth came from record sales, performances, film appearances, and other sources related to her career as a performer.
Jackson’s legacy lives on today through reissues of her classic albums as well as various tributes honoring both her artistic work and social activism. Her contributions have been celebrated by countless musicians around the world—a testament to how far-reaching and influential an artist she truly was.

mahalia jackson net worth


Mahalia Jackson was one of the most influential gospel singers in history—and despite having no formal education or business background during her lifetime, managed to accumulate an impressive net worth at the time of her death in 1972. Her legacy still resonates today through reissues of classic albums and tributes honoring both her musical genius and tireless advocacy for civil rights issues that remain relevant today. It is with admiration that we honor this incredible woman who used art as a platform for social change—a message that will remain timeless for many years to come.

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