Michael harry o harris net worth

Today we will discuss Michael harry o harris net worth. When we talk about inspiring stories, we can’t leave out Michael “Harry O” Harris, the co-founder of Death Row Records who turned his life around while serving a 25-year jail term for drug-trafficking charges.

Harris’ transformation from a notorious drug lord to an advocate for the betterment of people’s lives is truly remarkable. As we dig deeper into his success story, let’s find out how much he is worth now.

Michael harry o harris net worth

Michael “Harry O” Harris’ net worth is estimated at around 30 million dollars. The bulk of his fortune comes from his shady past in drug trafficking and his excellent business acumen. Harry O’s net worth rose significantly after his involvement in the creation of Death Row Records.

Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, friends of Harry O, sought out his business expertise to make their dream of creating a record label come true. Harris was instrumental in allocating funds and sourcing investors to get Death Row Records off the ground.

Apart from his involvement in Death Row Records, Harris has had business interests in other areas, such as real estate. He ventured into real estate in the 1980s. However, after being sentenced to jail, Harris directed all his investments into philanthropy through organizations like The Last Mile, which aims to offer technical education to prisoners who want to thrive in the business world.

Michael “Harry O” Harris’ story is one of transformation. While serving his prison sentence, he found a new purpose in life, which he relentlessly pursued. His tremendous business acumen helped him create a better life for himself and others.

Furthermore, his prison time made him think about other people’s struggles, particularly prisoners’ hardships. He used his influence and contacts to create opportunities for prisoners who wanted to better themselves. He also aimed to diversify the justice system to make it fairer.

Despite his worth and success, Harry O doesn’t shy away from his past mistakes. He acknowledges his past and is passionately working to better the world he once contributed to hurting. Harry O’s philanthropic focus shows his belief in second chances and his dedication to bettering other people’s lives. Harry O’s story is indeed worthy of celebrating.


Michael “Harry O” Harris’ story proves that life can take incredible turns. His journey from drug trafficking to creating a better world has captured the public’s attention and inspiration. Harry O’s net worth is a product of his hard work, significant investments, and business savviness. However, his story goes beyond just wealth accumulation.

His life story demonstrates that redemption is indeed possible, and the human spirit can thrive under extreme circumstances. Harry O’s philanthropic endeavors, coupled with his business savvy, are a fantastic example that success doesn’t only benefit oneself. Success can draw a pathway for others, which can be the greatest achievement one can seek.

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