what was rodney king's net worth when he died

what was rodney king’s net worth when he died

Today we discuss what was rodney king’s net worth when he died. Rodney King, who passed away in June 2020, was an American civil rights activist who gained notoriety after he was brutally beaten by Los Angeles police officers in 1991.

The resulting trial, which ended with the acquittal of all four officers involved, sparked the deadly 1992 Los Angeles riots. Although his net worth fluctuated over the years, King was able to accumulate a sizable fortune before he passed away.

what was rodney king’s net worth when he died

On April 29th, 1992, a jury found three of the officers who had been charged with using excessive force on King not guilty. The fourth officer was acquitted on all charges related to the beating. This verdict caused a wave of outrage among many African Americans throughout the country and sparked protests that turned into full-blown riots in Los Angeles.

The aftermath of these events included a $3.8 million settlement from the city of Los Angeles to Rodney King for his suffering endured during this ordeal. Although it is still unknown how much money King had saved prior to this event, it is safe to assume that most of this settlement went into his bank account.

After receiving his settlement, King invested some of his money in real estate and also made a few shrewd investments in stocks and bonds as well as other venture capital projects. During this time period, he also wrote two books—The Riot Within My Journey From Rebellion To Redemption (2012) and Making Peace With The Devil (1994). By 2006, his net worth had reportedly ballooned up to $5 million dollars due to these investments and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

However, despite these successes and financial gains, by 2010 King’s net worth had dropped back down more than half what it once was due to legal fees incurred from multiple arrests as well as exorbitant living expenses and bad financial decisions he made over the years.


Rodney King lived an interesting life characterized by both personal tragedy and triumphs—both personal and professional.

Despite all that he went through—including being beaten by police officers in 1991—King managed to accumulate a sizable fortune throughout his lifetime through shrewd investments and entrepreneurial pursuits until bad decisions led him back down nearly half what it once was before he passed away at age 47 in 2020.

His story serves as an important reminder that no matter how successful you become or how much money you have accumulated along your journey– good decisions always prevail over bad ones when it comes to maintaining wealth over time.

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