young gunz net worth

young gunz net worth

Today we discuss young gunz net worth. Young Gunz were a popular rap duo form Philadelphia that made waves in the early 2000s. Made up of rappers Christopher Ries and Tyree Cinque Simmons, also known as “Young Chris” and “Neef Buck,” the pair released several successful singles and albums during their time together. Let’s take a look at what these two accomplished during their partnership, and how much their net worth is today.

A Look at the young gunz net worth:

Early Career Success:

Young Gunz began making music in 2002 under the direction of Roc-A-Fella Records. They released their debut single “No Better Love” which was produced by Just Blaze and featured R&B singer Amerie. The track peaked at number 20 on Billboard Hot 100 chart, launching them into stardom overnight.

They followed this success with the release of their debut album “Tough Luv” which spawned their second hit single “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” which reached number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. While neither artist ever achieved solo success to rival their work together as Young Gunz, they were still able to achieve a fair amount of fame due to their work as a duo.

Breakup & Current Solo Successes:

In 2005, Young Gunz announced that they were breaking up after three years together. Both artists went on to pursue solo careers but neither was able to truly replicate the same level of success they had achieved as a group.

In 2007, Neef Buck signed a deal with G-Unit Records and eventually released his own solo album in 2008 titled “Forever Do Me 3″. He then went on to release several more projects including mixtapes and EPs over the next few years before retiring from music in 2012 after facing legal trouble for gun possession charges.

Young Chris also continued his solo career after the breakup but he never quite matched his former partner’s level of success either. After leaving R oc-A-Fella records in 2007 he signed with Def Jam Records and released his first solo album “The Network” in 2009 featuring appearances from Rick Ross, Akon, and Trey Songz among others.

He has since gone on to release several more projects including mixtapes, EPs and albums while also appearing as an occasional guest feature on other artists’ songs throughout his career thus far.

Current Net Worths:

Today, Neef Buck has an estimated net worth of $5 million while Young Chris’ estimated net worth is around $3 million dollars according to While this may seem like a lot for two musicians who have gone relatively quiet over the past decade or so it pales in comparison to some other big names in hip hop such as Jay Z who has an estimated net worth of $1 billion or Kanye West whose estimated net worth is around $240 million according to Forbes magazine.

young gunz net worth


Although they may not be household names anymore, Young Gunz made quite an impact during their brief time together as a rap duo back in 2002-2005 when they released hit singles such as “No Better Love” and “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”.

Although both members have continued their solo careers since then neither has been able to match the same level of success they achieved as young gunz back in 2003 when they earned gold status certification for “Tough Luv.” According to, both artists still have respectable net worths;

Neef Buck is currently sitting at 5 million dollars while Young Chris’ current net worth is estimated around 3 million dollars although both are well behind some other big names in hip hop today such as Jay Z or Kanye West who have significantly higher amounts accumulated over time due largely due to smart investing outside of music-related ventures.

All things considered, though it’s safe to say that despite never reaching superstardom levels again both members are doing quite well for themselves now!

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