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Brett Kelly Net Worth, Personal Life, and Facts You Didn’t Know

Today we discuss Brett Kelly Net Worth. Did you love and watch the Bad Santa movie in 2003? If you have watched it, you would probably love the little boy named Thurman Merman, thanks to his iconic expressions in the movie. Yes, he is none other than your favorite Brett Kelly.

Although he is famous for acting in comic films, his acting skills, even at such an early age, didn’t get unnoticed by audiences. However, he is a grown-up person now, and his fans frequently ask us, “What is Brett Kelly net worth?”

We will answer the question in this article. Plus, the discussion includes minute details about your favorite Brett Kelly.

Hence, aren’t you excited?

A Brief Biography of Brett Kelly

Before we dive deep into finding the net worth of Brett Kelly, why not take the opportunity to look into his life first? Well, it will be a bonus for the actor’s fans.

Brett Kelly was born on October 30, 1993. He is a Canadian actor and was born in Vancouver. He first came into the limelight in 20003 with his skillful and energetic presence in the film Bad Santa. It was a comic movie, and Brett’s expressions worked as excellent comic relief for audiences, especially for kids.

Nonetheless, Kelly actually made his debut in the film industry in 2001. He was featured in a movie named Kill Me Later. The film received appreciation from critics and audiences and fared well in the movie theater also.

However, Kelly’s character was much unnoticed and ignorable in the film. He got his 1st break in the year 2003. Later on, he went on to act in some popular movies as well. It included movies like Unaccompanied Minors, Masters of Horrors, and High School. Audiences appreciated his performance in these movies.

As a result, he received an excellent fan following, which continues even in 2020. Critiques gave accolades to his screen, presence sense, and expressions. So, fans have high hopes that the brilliant actor will develop his acting skills more and gift them with some even more remarkable movies and acting skills.

Brett Kelly Net Worth

It is a frustrating story that although Kelly made his debut way back in 2001 and took part even in a few TV series, his net worth is somewhat disappointing. As different magazines estimates, Brett Kelly has a net worth of USD 300K. However, some journalists and reports speculate that he might have a net worth of around 400K USD.

Since the actor and media personality likes to keep his family and personal life private, estimating his net worth has become challenging. His primary income source is the movies where he acted. He hasn’t appeared in any moves for a long time. Therefore, his property and worth haven’t grown as some people expected them to during his early movie career.


We have already mentioned that Brett Kelly made his 1st debut in 2001 in Kill Me Later. However, not so many people actually know that he also appeared in TV series later. Also, in 2001 he starred in another two movies too.

These two movies are Out Cold and Ladies and The Champ. The latter one was a TV movie. In 2002 he starred in a film named Cheats. His character in the film was Sammy.  The year 2003 was bright and fruitful for him, and he got his first break during this time.

His role in the Bad Santa earned him fame. So, 2004 was a busy year for him. He starred in Dead Like Me, which was a TV series. His character name was Francis Biscotti in the TV series. His next move was in 2006 when he appeared in Unaccompanied Minors as Timothy Beef Wellington.

In 2005’s movie Trick ‘r Treat, he starred as Charlie. His last movie appearance was in High School in 2010. He starred as Martin Gordon in the movie. 


Brett Kelly has done some sensational movies and expressed his characters with fluidity. Hence, audiences have loved appearances in various films. And the best part is that Kelly’s hard work and dedication haven’t gone useless.

In 2004 he earned an award from the Phoenix Film Critics Society. The authority awarded him the Best Performance in a supporting role as a Youth. He got the award for his role in the film Bad Santa. The film also earned him fame and popularity.

His next award nomination came in 2007 for his soulful and engaging acting in the film Unaccompanied Minor.  He was nominated but not awarded the prestigious Young Artist Award. In 2007 he was also nominated for the Leo Award. He was nominated for his role in Birthdays and Other Traumas. It was a short film.

Some Fun and Exciting Facts About Brett Kelly

Are you a big fan of Brett Kelly? How much do you know about him? Well, we have compiled all the information about the prosperous and budding actor, which will overwhelm you.


Kelly, the actor, has an average height of 5 feet and 7 inches approximately.  So, according to the standard height of the American and Canadian people, Kelly has an average size.


Although Kelly seems a bit bulky at first glance, his weight suggests us something different. To be honest, he weighs only 65 kilograms.

Physical Appearance

Kelly has a natural blonde appearance with slightly golden hair. However, his hair is much shortened and gives him a babyface appearance.

Sexual Orientation

Although Kelly loves a private life and doesn’t flourish his personal life in public, we have some news about him. He is a straight person and unmarried until now.  However, we are unsure if he is dating someone or not.


During our investigation, we found that Brett Kelly’s net worth is around 450K USD. However, some people think that his net worth is much less than our estimation. Whatever may be the case, we hope that Kelly will prosper more as a film actor and present us with some remarkable movies.

And if it happens, we are sure that he will have a much higher net worth than now.

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