George gabby hayes net worth

Today we discuss George gabby hayes net worth. George “Gabby” Hayes, or May 7, 1885 – February 9, 1969, was an American actor who was famous for playing sidekicks to the main leading man in cowboy films. In his lifetime he amassed a large net worth that allowed him to live out his life with luxury. Let’s take a look at how this man achieved such great wealth and stardom.

George gabby hayes net worth:

George Hayes’ acting career began in 1916 when he appeared in two-reel westerns directed by Broncho Billy Anderson. He went on to appear in over 180 films over the course of his career including many westerns with stars like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, and Hopalong Cassidy. His acting career spanned from the 1930s until his death in 1969 with roles ranging from comedic jesters to villainous outlaws.

In addition to acting, Hayes also wrote a novel entitled Nevada Jim which was released during World War II and received critical acclaim for its use of humor to talk about the realities of war. During World War II he also wrote a series of radio scripts for Lux Radio Theater which earned him an additional source of income.

After the war ended, Hayes continued to make appearances on television shows such as Lassie (1954) and The Virginian (1966). All of these appearances brought him considerable fame as well as additional income that allowed him to live comfortably and save up for retirement.

Hayes was able to amass a large net worth through his acting career as well as his writing endeavors throughout the years. He earned an estimated $200 per episode of The Virginian alone which is equivalent to around $1,700 today after accounting for inflation.

That’s not taking into account any potential residual payments he may have received later on down the line either! On top of that, Hayes had savings from other projects like books and radio scripts which helped pad out his already impressive wealth even more so.


All things considered, it is clear that George “Gabby” Hayes’ acting career gave him immense financial success throughout his lifetime. He earned an impressive amount of money from various projects across film, television, and radio while also receiving recognition from critics and fans alike for his work both on-screen and off-screen with novels like Nevada Jim.

When all is said in done it is safe to say that George “Gabby” Hayes amassed quite a fortune over the course of his life – one that would give most people more than enough security going into retirement! Thanks to this man’s hard work and dedication we can get a glimpse into what life was like back then when Western films were still popular – something we don’t see much anymore!

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