what is jerry springer’s net worth

Today we will discuss jerry springer’s net worth. When it comes to remarkable careers in the entertainment industry, few can match Jerry Springer’s eclectic journey from being a political commentator to hosting one of the most controversial talk shows on American television.

Although some may argue that it all started with his time as the mayor of Cincinnati, it’s his time in front of the camera that proved to be the most influential. But have you ever wondered about the financial success behind his career? In this blog post, we’ll explore Jerry Springer’s net worth and how he amassed such a fortune.

jerry springer’s net worth

Jerry Springer’s net worth currently sits at an estimated $60 million. Although this figure seems impressive, it’s important to understand how he obtained his wealth. Upon his graduation from law school at Northwestern University in 1968, Jerry Springer entered politics as a campaign adviser for Robert F. Kennedy. Springer went on to achieve a successful law career and worked as a campaign adviser for many politicians.

He got his first start in the entertainment industry in 1987 with his own show “The Jerry Springer Show”. The show became notorious for its outlandish topics and outrageous behavior; it was controversial but huge in terms of ratings. The show became so popular that it aired in 70 countries and has been on air for more than two decades.

Springer’s ability to adapt was one of the factors that contributed to his success. He served as the anchor of “America’s Got Talent” for two seasons, and in 2015, he began serving as the host of a new show called “Judge Jerry”. Along with hosting shows, the 77-year-old became involved in politics again in 2019 by running for Lord Mayor of London, however, he didn’t win.

It’s worth noting that a considerable portion of Jerry Springer’s net worth comes from speaking engagements, book deals, and other ventures. He has written two books and has been involved in theater production such as the stage musicals “The Price is Right” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

While Springer’s net worth may seem astounding, it’s vital to consider the amount of work and dedication he put in to build his career. Jerry’s ability to pivot from politics to entertainment and constantly adapt to the changing landscape is a true testament to his business acumen.


In conclusion, Jerry Springer’s journey to becoming one of the wealthiest talk show hosts in history is an interesting one. Despite his unconventional topics and approach to entertainment, he has managed to build an empire worth millions through hard work and dedication.

His ability to constantly adapt, create new ventures, and create entertaining content, has kept him relevant in the industry and has helped increase his net worth. With his long-standing career, it’s no surprise that the $60 million he’s amassed is a reflection of his success.

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