what is todd bridges net worth

Today we will discuss todd bridges net worth. When it comes to successful Hollywood child stars, Todd Bridges certainly stands out as an icon. He started his career at an early age and rose to fame on the popular ’80s sitcom, “Diff’rent Strokes.” Following his successful acting career, Bridges has also tried his hand at other endeavors, including directing and producing. But, just how much is Todd Bridges worth? In this blog post, we’ll dive into all the details about his fortune and how he made it.

todd bridges net worth

Todd Bridges was born on May 27, 1965, and began his acting career at the mere age of four years old. He got his first big break when he was cast as Willis Jackson on the hit NBC sitcom, “Diff’rent Strokes.” Bridges played the role for eight seasons and earned a steady paycheck throughout his tenure on the show.

Although Bridges was only paid $10,000 per episode while working on “Diff’rent Strokes,” his consistent work on the show helped to amass a fortune. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

After “Diff’rent Strokes” ended, Bridges continued pursuing acting. He landed roles in television shows and movies such as “The Facts of Life”, “The Waltons”, “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh”, “Little House on the Prairie”, and many more.

However, his acting career hit a rough patch in the early ’90s, when he was arrested multiple times for drug-related charges. This resulted in Bridges taking a break from acting and he entered rehab to clean up his act.

After completing rehab, Bridges returned to acting with renewed enthusiasm. He made appearances in a few TV shows and movies like “Everybody Hates Chris” and “That’s So Raven.” However, Bridges also began exploring his interests in writing and producing.

In 2002, he created a TV show called “The Todd Bridges Show”, where he acted as both an executive producer and a star. He also directed an episode of the show. Additionally, Bridges wrote a memoir titled “Killing Willis” about his struggles with addiction.

Bridges’ net worth also includes his appearances on reality TV shows. He has appeared on several shows such as “Celebrity Boxing,” “Celebrity Fit Club,” and “Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge” which added to his fortune. In addition, he has also worked as a voice actor on animated TV shows such as “Fish Hooks” and “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.”

Aside from his entertainment career, Bridges also invests in real estate. He bought a house in California in 1993 for $420,000. After spending $1 million for renovations and repairs, Bridges was able to sell the house for $1.5 million in 2017, giving him a healthy return on his investment.


In conclusion, Todd Bridges’ net worth is the result of his varied career as an actor, director, producer, writer, and television personality. Although he faced challenges in his personal life, Bridges has managed to build a successful career on his own terms. With his passion for real estate investments and future endeavors, we can expect Bridges’ net worth to only increase in the coming years.

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