Marquese Scott Net Worth, Biography and Unknown Facts

Today we will discuss Marquese Scott Net Worth. Marquese Scott is a popular dancer and YouTuber. He has earned immense popularity among dance lovers, and his dancing steps are winning hearts these days. What’s more, the YouTube videos of Marquese Scott are receiving millions of views. As a result, his fan following is increasing quite considerably.

Therefore, many people are nowadays interested to know about Marquese Scott’s net worth, his dancing style, his relationship, and other information. We will discuss all these in today’s celebrity lifestyle article. You must remember that Marquese Scott likes to keep his life private and so, revealing his actual wealth and personal life is complicated.

Yet, we have tried to meet his fan’s quest.

A Brief Biography of Marquese Scott

The famous American dancer and YouTuber were born on November 5, 1981. He currently ages 39 years. Scott was born in Inglewood, California, and was brought up in the same city.  His main occupation is street dancing and animation dancing.

He creates regular music videos which are released on YouTube. Also, he has been a regular performer in award shows and advertisements. Also, he once showed his meticulous dancing skills in a TV show named The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He is also a team member of the famous dance crew titled Dragon House. What’s interesting is that his YouTube channel was previously known as WHZGUD2, as mentioned in Wikipedia. However, later he changed the channel name on him to ‘Marquese Scott. ’

He first uploaded a dance video on YouTube in 2011. Some of his popular dance videos include Hanging On, Wake Me Up, Set Fire to the Rain, Fresh, etc. However, his most popular video is still the Pumped up Kicks.

Although Scott loved dancing even when he was a kid, his seriousness to dance came when he met with other dancers in Atlanta. He also first uploaded his YouTube video when he was in Atlanta. He appeared in America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance.

In both, reality shows he joined his dancing team Remote Kontrol.

Marquese Scott received stardom, and immense popularity when his dance moves on Pumped Up Kicks went viral. It was a remix dance move and his 53rd upload on YouTube.

Marquese Scott Net Worth

Many people and celebrity magazines have tried to speculate on the net wealth of Marquese Scott. But it hasn’t been an easy task since Scott has kept his personal life and information secret from others. Also, he is somewhat introverted and loves leading a secluded life.

We have researched the internet and estimated that currently, Scott has a net worth of about $3 million to $5 million. He receives most of his earnings from YouTube. Also, he makes a fair amount as part of his dancing crew.

He is a regular performer in various live shows and award functions. All these participations have also helped him earn such gracious wealth.

Marquese Scott Dancing Style

Scott is most famously known for his dubstep dance moves. It originated in London, UK. Also, he is incredibly popular for his animatic moves. His animation moves during the dance videos include popping, gliding, waving, and tutting.

The best part of his dance moves is that he takes the elements of basic animation moves and transforms them into a new and unique style. His blending of different dance moves with smoothness and eye-catchy sharpness has received tremendous accolades.

Another reason for his popularity is that he uploads real-time moves and doesn’t use any photographic tricks.

YouTube Records

Marquese Scott has now been an authentic influencer and motivation for those who have started their dancing career lately. Similarly, his YouTube videos have become viral, and he has shattered some records too. At present, Scott has 2.5 million subscribers to his dancing channel.

It is one of the highest subscribers for any dancing channel on YouTube. He got 1.9 million views only in October, which describes his popularity.

He got stardom with the remix dancing video of Pumped up Kicks, and it immediately went viral. It had a viewership of over 5 million in just one week. As it stands of November 2020, the video has been watched over 138 million times.

His channel has received over 360 million views now, and he ranks among the top entertainment channel owners on YouTube.

Curiosity Human had described him as one of the most famous and influential street dancers of the modern era.  He has also directed and appeared in several YouTube videos, one of which is Poetic Flow.

Other Facts About Marquese Scott

  1. When Scott had received so much popularity, at one point, he wished to dedicate himself as a traveler. He wanted to travel the whole world at some point in his life.
  2. Scott is also considered a trendsetter and fashion icon to the young generation in the US. He is known for wearing Jordan sneakers, stylish jeans, and various hats during his dance. The new dancers have appreciated his youthful appearance.
  3. Shut Up, and Dance is currently one of the biggest dance festivals in Atlanta. Marquese Scott co-founded it. It provides a platform to the budding street dancers of the US. Scott wants to take the dancing platform into the world stage within the next few years.
  4. It is rumored that Scott has married Lizz Monreal. She is thought to be his long-time girlfriend of Scott.
  5. Scott had participated in several worldwide dancing tours and concerts. Similarly, he has shot many of his YouTube dancing videos outside the US. He had been seen in Germany, Singapore, China, Japan, France, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates in several videos.


The popular American dancer, Marquese Scott’s net worth is estimated at $3 million to $5 million. As a street dancer, he has been the icon of many dance enthusiasts of all ages. His freestyle moves and real-time recording without any camera tricks have helped him stand apart from others.

We aspire and expect that he will discover some extraordinary and legendary dance moves in the future. Nonetheless, you can watch his dance tutorials if you plan to be a dancer soon.

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