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Young Chris Net Worth, Biography and Unknown Facts

Today we will discuss Young Chris Net Worth. The genre of rap songs has become a massive heat among the younger generation during the late 1900s, and it continues even now. Accordingly, many rap singer and artists have tried their luck here. But only a few have become as successful as Young Chris.

The famous rap singer and songwriter is the apple of the eye of rap fans. Furthermore, he collaborates as a team member in Young Gunz with Neef Buck. Thanks to Chris’s immense popularity, many people ask about Young Chris’s Net Worth. Also, many fans want to know about his career, family life, and so on.

We will discuss all these about the popular American rapper in today’s write-up.

A Brief Biography of Young Chris

Before we begin the discussion on Young Chris’s biography, let us clear a doubt at first. Young Chris is his professional sued name. His original name is Christopher Francis Ries.

The singer plus songwriter was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 9, 1983. He currently ages a little over 37.  He started his musical career at an early age even before he was 20.  But that’s worth it since he had seen tremendous success ever since his 1st album hit the market.

His 1st released album was “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” where he paired with Neef Buck. The album was an immediate hit and sold like crazy kinds of stuff among young Americans. Eventually, it went on to become his greatest hit also.

Later, he paired in several albums with Neef Buck, and they formed the band Young Gunz. His last album Network 3 was released way back in 2014. From there on, the musical prodigy remained silent. Fans are waiting eagerly for his next album once the Corona pandemic is over.

Young Chris Net Worth

Young Chris began his musical career in 2001. So, the next year, he will be celebrating his 20th anniversary in the rap music industry. It is a relatively long time, and he has earned a handsome amount during this time.

It is estimated that Young Chris has a net worth of $3 million to $4 million as it stands in November 2020. He earned wealth through his musical hits, songs released, and participation in different tours. For most of his career, he was with Neek Buck and shared the earnings from the albums and musical concerts.

His 2017 concerts and musical tours were a great hit, and they helped him accumulate wealth worth $600000 in a single year. Also, his solo music albums helped him get such astonishing wealth in such a short time.

Young Chris and Nick Buff

These two names are inseparable. They both made their debut as a pair and participated in several popular rap albums. The duo is actually school friends, and their love for music helped them grow a close association.

They paired to form the band Young Gunz, and Jay-Z introduced them to the industry. Their first released single was, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” The album was an immediate hit and secured placed 4 in the top chars of the US Billboard. It also secured no. 6 positions on the chart of Billboard Hot Tap Tracks. Accordingly, the song was widely broadcast on several musical and TV platforms that included BET, hip-hop radio, and MTV2.

The duo paired soon for their first album in the same year following the massive success of their 1st single track. Their 1st album Tough Luv was released in 2001, and it too received great hype from the audiences.

The album was positioned at No. 3 in the Top 200 chart on the US billboard. Also, it had sold 128000 copies which was incredible for a debutant pair.  Their second album ‘Brothers from Another’ was released after a brief time since the duo took time to plan the songs.

It had some of the most popular songs for the pair. The songs included John Legend, Kanye West, and Swizz Beatz. Nonetheless, the album reached the no.15 position in the US billboard for the top 200 charts.

Solo Career of Young Chris

Although Neef Buck and Young Chris were doing tremendously well as a pair, Young was not afraid to try his luck as a solo singer. In 2006, Chris first thought about making an album of his own. He named the album ” Now or Never “.

He also thought that the album would be completed by 2008. As he was preparing for the solo album, he posted several solo performances on his social media handlers. It helped him establish his reputation as a solo singer too.

During this time he introduced the long-waited remix circuit to his audiences. He further went on to introduce the series of mix tapes to his fans.  It was named the Network, and DJ Don Cannon hosted the album.

He also has an association with Entertainment One Music and Universal Motown Records as a solo artist. In fact, Universal Motown released his first solo album. Nonetheless, his 1st solo rapping album was released in 2010, and it was named ‘The Re-introduction.’

In the following years, the American rapper was encouraged to release more of his freestyles and mix tapes both as a solo artist and teammate. His current project includes another freestyle solo album named Alive. It is expected to hit the market in the next year once everything becomes familiar from the grasp of COVID-19.

A Little Confusion

Many people mistakenly things that Young Chris and the Rapper YC is the same personality. We have to warn you that these two are different rappers.  Rapper YC once used to perform under the name Young Chris.

So, many people give him credit for Young Chris songs which is not right at all.


We have estimated that Young Chris’s net worth is around $3 million. He earned it with his partnership with Neef Buck, solo musical releases, and concerts across the US. He is still to reach his 40, and we hope he has a long career.  His promising talent has already set the foothole in the musical industry, and many believe that he is still to deliver the best.

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