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Alex English Net Worth, Biography and Interesting Facts

Today we will discuss Alex English Net Worth. Alex English is a legendary basketball player who mostly played for Denver Nuggets. In fact, he holds the most records for Denver Nuggets and is regarded as their best basketball player.  During his playing career, he was considered to be one of the most formidable offenders, and his legacy continued as coaching stuff too.

Today, we will sink deep into Alex English’s net worth. Also, we will highlight his career and interesting facts that a fan might want to know about him.

So, let’s score the three-point now.

A Brief Biography of Alex English

English was born on January 5, 1954, in Columbia, South Carolina. His parents worked in New York while English lived with his grandmother along with his siblings. He often had to live the day with one meal, but the poverty-stricken English finished his higher studies at the University of South Carolina.

During his four-year study at the university, he attended all the games as part of the starting team. It was a record at that time. Arguably, English was the only African-American star of the university from 1972 to 1976 tenure.

He scored record-breaking 1972 points for his university team. Also, in 1975 and 1976, he was selected for the All-American Team for his outstanding performance in his university team.

Professional Career and Success

Alex English started his professional career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1976. He was the 23rd pick that year by Milwaukee Bucks.  In 1978 English, as a free agent, signed Indiana Pacers. His career really showed leaps and bounds of progress during this time.

He scored an average of 16 points in each game for the Indiana Pacers.  His charismatic performance for the team didn’t go unnoticed.

In the 1979-80 seasons for NBA, Denver Nuggets signed English for their team. He immediately showed his impact on the team as he averaged 23.8 points per match in the 1980-81 season. It was his career-highest average at that moment.

However, he soon broke it to set new benchmarks for himself. He won the scoring title for the league in the 1981-82 season with an astonishing average of 28.4 on each game. The following year he was placed fourth in the average scoring title.

The next year, Kiki Vandeweghe, another Denver Nuggets legend left the team. However, English was not moved with it and continued his scoring habit as he averaged 27.9 points per match that year. His most outstanding achievement as a Nugget player came in the 1985 playoff.  His team went on to defeat the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs where he averaged 30.2 points per match.

In the Western Conference, his team met with the Los Angeles Lakers, and English would suffer a right thumb injury in the game. During the 1985-86 season, he scored his career-best average of a remarkable 29.9 points per match.

However, the following year, his performance dropped, and in 1991 he became a free agent again as Nugget didn’t sign him. He started his coaching career in the 2001-02 season. He coached North Charleston Lowgators.

He was a member of the coaching staff for the Sacramento Kings in 2012 which was his lasting coaching team.

Alex English Net Worth

Alex English, without a doubt, had a successful and prominent career as basketball career. His net worth, as estimated in November 2020, is around $25 million. Nonetheless, his earnings came as a basketball player and coach during his lifetime.

Also, he had earned a fair amount lately as a movie actor. However, when we compared the making of English with the previous A+ players, it is not something extravagant. Earlier NBA players had earned close to 100 million dollars.

Interesting Facts About Alex English

Alex English enjoys a huge fan following. Also, he had a successful NBA career. However, there’re some facts that you might not know about him. We have compiled them below.

Legacy and Records

He holds nearly all the team records for Denver Nuggets. It included the following-

  1. Most career points for the team. He scored 21.645 points for Nuggets.
  2. He assisted in 3.679 points which is also a record.
  3. He played 837 matches and 29,839 minutes for Nuggets the highest by any Nugget player.
  4. He had a 25.9 average per match during his tenure in Nugget. It is also the highest career average for the team.
  5. English scored 25, 613 points during his entire NBA career. Currently, he holds the 19th position for the highest point scorer in NBA history.
  6. He was the 1st NBA player who achieved eight straight seasons where a player had scored at least 2000 points.
  7. He was the highest scorer in the NBA league in the 1980s.

Thanks to his outstanding contribution to the Nugget uniform, he is considered their greatest legend. The team showed him unthinkable tribute since they retired the English ‘Number 2 Jersey’ to pay homage to him in 1992. Also, English got his well-deserved position in the hall of fame of Naismith Memorial Basketball in 1997.

Acting Career

Not so many people know that English had also acted in several movies during and after his retirement from professional basketball.  He 1st appeared in a film in 1987 when he was at the peak of his basketball career.

He played a cameo role in Amazing Grace and Chuck as a basketball player. In 1989 he appeared in the famous TV series Midnight Caller. He last appeared in a TV show called The Nothing but Net Show in 2013. The half-hour special show was planned and directed by English’s son.


As our estimation goes and various sources claim, Alex English’s net worth is $25 million. The legendary basketball player is now in his late 60s and living a peaceful life. During the entire 1980’s he had been the craze of the NBA and motivated several players later to take basketball as a career.

His contribution to Denver Nugget as a team player has become a part of his all-time legacy. He also had a pleasant coaching and acting career.

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