Mia Talerico Net Worth

Mia Talerico Net Worth, Biography and Other Facts

Today we will discuss Mia Talerico Net Worth. Mia Talerico is probably the latest sensation in the American media, and almost all media houses and TVs have tagged her as the next superstar in America. If you don’t know who Mia Talerico is, we will guide you about her personal life, family, education, and her filmography.

Mia started her acting career even before she was one year old and has been part of many shows and movies since then. That has helped her earn a handsome amount even in her teenage. We will, thus, also discuss Mia Talerico’s net worth and predict where her futuristic career is heading.

The child star has really made big impressions in various movies already. So, if you are her fan, continue reading the write-up to know about her interesting facts, net worth, and other information.

Who Is Mia Talerico?

Mia Talerico, as we have already mentioned, is the latest media sensation. She is only a teenager but has shown promising acting skills. Plus, her cute appearance in multiple movies and TV shows has made her the darling of both people of his age and other audiences.

She is best known for her appearance in the 2010 TV show Good Luck Charlie. Mia was the title character of the show, and her name was Charlie Duncan in the show. She was portrayed as a mostly happy girl in the show. However, at times her mischievous moves created laughter and entertainment for audiences.

The TV show was produced by Disney World and was aired on their kid’s TV channel. The show continued from 2014 to 2014 and was one of the most popular show-drama during that time. As the show grew popular, Mia Talerico’s character Charlie didn’t get unnoticed. Her adorable presence and sometimes naughty behavior made him a favorite to all. In the seasons 2 and 3 of the show, she becomes even more expressive as her age grew. Thus, her presence made even more impact on the show.

Later, as the show ended, Mia Talerico started featuring in other shows too. She is now a social media star and an upcoming teenage superstar in the US. Since she has been starring in movies and TV shows almost since her berth, she has earned good fortune too.

So, now we will focus on her wealth and lifestyle. Aren’t you excited?

Mia Talerico Net Worth

Mia 1st appeared on TV when she was only 11 months old. Her 1st TV appearance was Good Luck Charlie with the title character. She later appeared in multiple movies too. Thus, despite being a teenager, she has earned more than a decent amount already.

It is estimated that Mia has a net worth of about $2.5 million, as the early 2023 data shows. Considering her age and career, this net worth is more than decent. In fact, she has been rated as one of the wealthiest kids in the US, thanks to her surprising wealth.

And as she has not even crossed her teenage, we could predict that she is going to earn massively in the next few years. She has already made her debut in Hollywood, and it should pave her way toward more success and wealth.

Mia Talerico Family Life and Education

Although Mia Talerico has become a teenage star in the media, there’s little information about her family life. Luckily, we know about her birthday and her parents’. Mia was born on September 17, 2008. She was born in Santa Barbara, California. The city has great sandy beaches, and Mia is often seen relaxing in such supreme serenity.

Her father’s name is Chris Talerico, and her mother’s name is Claire Talerico. She also has a younger sister named Aubrey Talerico. It is assumed that Mia truly leads a happy family life with her parents and sister in the coastal city of Santa Barbara.

She currently ages a little over 12 years and is going to school. However, we don’t have any information about her school yet. She loves dogs and currently has one dog at home. She says it is her best friend.

Mia Talerico’s Career

We had mentioned previously that Mia Talerico had started in Disney’s TV show when she was only 11 months old. The show continued from 2010 to 2014, with Mia being the center character. By the time the TV show ended, Mia had already become a popular name among the audiences with her cute expressions in the show.

She starred in her 1st movie in 2015. The film Shadow Theory wasn’t a pretty successful one in the theatres. However, Mia’s presence in the movie was appreciated by the audience. Critics had mixed reviews about the teenage star, but most agreed that she has a promising career ahead.

Her next big appearance was in the TV show, Mani. The show was aired in 2018, and Mia played the role of Paige in it. Besides, she starred in many TV shows and movies too.

Her acting has already been noticed by audiences and critics alike. It has helped her win some major and minor awards too. Her most prominent awards include-

  1. Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. She received it in 2013 and 2014, respectively, for her presence and acting skills in the TV show Good Luck Charlie.
  2. Radio Disney Music Awards. She was awarded it in 2014.

Interesting Facts About Mia Talerico

  1. Mia has a fondness for ice cream. She loves testing different flavors of ice cream. Pizza and burgers also make an entrance into her favorite food list.
  2. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber. She also is a fan of Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.
  3. Mia’s favorite holiday destination is Hawaii beach and Disneyland. She also loves the sandy beaches of her small town.
Mia Talerico Net Worth


Mia Talerico’s net worth stands at $2.5 million. She is only 12 years old and has already been a sensation in the media. Even at such an early age, she was shown signs of mature acting in some TV shows and movies. Thus, we, along with the entire media, have high hopes that she has a long way to go. So, which movie or TV show about Mia is your favorite?

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