Keisha Grey Net Worth, Bio and Other Facts

Today we will discuss Keisha Grey Net Worth. If you have ever explored adult film websites, you have probably come across the name Keisha Grey. She is a famous adult film actress and is one of the leading in the industry. She is rated among the top adult adult industry stars these days.

However, her cute smile and stylish and fashionable dress-up have made her a craze among youngsters. So, many people are interested in Keisha Grey’s net worth and personal life. Keisha is in her mid-20s and currently focusing on her career.

In today’s article, we will discuss the net worth, personal information, interests, unknown facts, and family life of this beautiful actress.

So, fans’ let’s get on with us.

Keisha Grey Personal Information and Early Life

Keisha Grey, despite her young age, has been in the industry for some time now. And with her beautiful expression, amazing acting skills, and charming smile, Keisha has achieved great success. However, her early life wasn’t so smooth.

Keisha was born in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Floridian lady was born on June 9, 1994. Her parent’s and siblings’ names are unknown to us. Similarly, there’s little information about her educational background.

Although her high school name is unknown, it is confirmed that she attended high school nearby to her home in Tampa.

In fact, her nickname Keisha came from his school life. Her surname is unknown since her present name Grey is a false name. It was given by her agent before she joined the adult industry.

As her beauty and exquisite physique grew, she wasn’t unnoticed. Her beauty and appearance soon opened the door to an adult film acting career. In fact, she started her career merely at 18 years old, and she never had to look back either.

Keisha Grey Career and Awards

Keisha decided to join the adult industry in August 2013. So, she consulted with many agencies, and finally, Motley Models signed her. Motley Models is a famous adult film agent, and they signed Keisha in December 2013.

The thing that Keisha joined the adult industry wasn’t a surprise. Yes, she was a fond fan of adult films even from her teenage.

She admitted his teenage fondness for adult industry movies, and she also openly admitted her admiration for several famous adult film actresses.

In fact, the part of his last name Grey comes from Sasha Grey, who is another famous adult industry star. Her agent decided to add Grey as her last name, knowing that she was a huge fan of Sasha Grey. She was also a big fan of James Deen.

She admitted several times that both Sasha and James had inspired her to enter the film industry. Also, she has been heavily influenced by Sasha’s charisma and expressions.

Nonetheless, Keisha achieved success in the industry quite soon. She was recognized for her exquisite physique, attractive curves, and expressions.

So, she soon became one of the leading adult industry stars in the US and was featured in many adult shows.

In 2016 she got a big break. She got a place in the famous CNBC magazine “The Dirty Dozen: adult industry biggest stars” for the same year. It speaks of her immense popularity among the audience, and she achieved the feat in merely 3 years of her career.

Her next achievement came as she was nominated for awards in different shows, especially those of AVN. Her first nomination was in 2015 as the “Best New Starlet’ which was a tremendous achievement for her.

In 2017, Keisha was also nominated for the famous “Superslut of the Year” by XRCO. Keisha’s massive success at such an early age was pure because of her unique beauty and amazing acting skills. She also has a hearty relationship with her fans.

Keisha Grey Net Worth

You already know how successful Keisha Grey has been as an adult film actress. And her hard work has paid off truly since she has already been a millionaire.

As far as 2020 data show, Keisha has a net worth of a minimum of $1 million to $5 million. However, most sources agree that she probably has a little over $3.5 million net worth at present.

Considering her age and duration in the industry, this is a great achievement. All of her income came from the wages she got as an adult film actress.

Other Facts About Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey ages a little over 25 years. She has a height of about 5.3” or 1.6m. So, she has a pretty average height.

Her measurements are 31-inches breast, 25-inches waist, and 33-inches hips. She currently uses 36E-sized bras.

And her assets are one of her biggest reason for such massive success in a such a short time. And these are her natural breast size, not implanted.

She weighs 53kgs (116lbs). Her hair color is dark brown, and her eye color is brown. Also, Keisha doesn’t use too many tanning products.

Keisha loves leading a private life. Hence, we have no information about her relationship and with whom she is currently dating.

If you get any information on her relationship, we will soon update it. Plus, he maintains a luxurious life too. She currently owns a Bentley car which is one of the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world.

In 2017, she took a break from her acting career. She said that she was feeling a bit bored with the same roles.

However, she has regrouped now and made a comeback in her acting career in late 2019. She has been in the main role in many adult movies since then, and her popularity seems to have no stop for now.


Keisha Grey is one of the leading and most charming adult film actresses in the USA. Her acting career has helped him earn good fortune too. At present, Keisha Greys’ net worth remains from $1 million to $5 million. She is still pretty young, and with her growing popularity, it is expected that she might become one of the richest female adult industry stars in the near future. So, we are looking forward to where her career goes.

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