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Seth Gold Net Worth and His Facts That You Didn’t Know

Today we will discuss Seth Gold Net Worth. Anyone who is a fan of American reality series may have heard about Seth Gold. He has been a popular reality star on television for the past few years and has earned tremendous fame. Also, his link-up with his sister and parents in reality shows and serials has helped him earn great fortunes.

Thus, you may be interested to know Seth Gold’s net worth. As your premier TV companion, we dig deep into the matter and were amazed at the properties of Seth Gold. He has already earned a fortune of over $1.5 million, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Who Is Seth Gold?

Seth Gold is a popular reality show actor on US television. But for those who haven’t heard about him, we would like to give a short introduction to the famous reality show actor.

Seth Gold is more known for his presence in the popular TV show Hardcore Pawn. It was aired in 2010 on truTV. With over 2 million views, the show broke the record for the most-watched show of a debutant on TV.

From there on, Seth never looked back. He teamed up with his sister Ashley Broad, father Les Gold, and mother Lili Gold in the reality show. Together they made the show one of the most viewed and loved by young Americans in the 2010s.

Now, Seth is also a producer, speaker, and writer. Also, he has been investing in various sectors to be a good businessman shortly.

Birth, Education, and Early Career

Seth has earned both fame and money in a relatively short time. Also, he has the least struggle among the established TV stars of American TV. The young sensation was born on 23rd February 1981. His birthplace was Michigan State.

He completed his post-graduation from the University of Michigan. Hence, he is pretty highly educated, which also helped him become so popular in such a short time.

He started his acting career as a Pawnbroker on the reality show Hardcore Pawn, where he teamed up with his family. The show was an immediate hit among the youth. It showed the lifestyle of a family who owned a pawn shop.

Its sarcastic yet realistic jokes and laughter, along with the serious actions of the family members, made it the most-viewed debut show on truTV.

Personal Information:

Name: Seth Gold

Born: 23rd February 1981

Education: Post Graduation

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 65kgs (143lbs).

Eye and Hair Color: Brown

Media Handlers: seth_hardcorepawn (Instagram), sethhcp (Twitter)

Seth Gold Net Worth

 Since the debut show, Seth made him popular overnight, he got the chance to act in a few more TV reality shows. He appeared in The Playboy Morning Show in 2010, and it was also a good hit among the audiences.

Next, he was seen in league One: In the Spotlight in 2014. It, too, performed fairly well, and from then on, he expanded his career. And with such quick and prompt success, his net worth rests at a whopping $1.5 million.

But his acting career wasn’t the only contributing factor to his properties. He has become a TV producer, writer, and businessman over the last decade. All these different sectors of his professional career have helped him bag such fortunes in a really quick time.

He owns a lavishing apartment in Michigan state. Also, he drives a BMW 2018 model. The good part about Seth is his simple lifestyle despite being rich.

Family, Marriage, And Kids

Seth Gold belongs to a Christian family, and his parents, as well as siblings, all are reality TV show actors. His father is Les Gold, and he is an established businessman in Michigan. He was born in 1950 and had American nationality.  His shop is situated in Detroit city.

His shop is an American jewelry and loan shop. Les with his wife Lili Gold (mother of Seth Gold) worked hard to earn their fortune. Set also had a sister named Ashley Broad. She is also a famous reality show star.

In 2015, Seth had a heated argument with his sister Ashley. The conflict went on to become severe until everything was resolved in the last 2019. His father had to intervene to sort out the conflict between the siblings.

Seth is happy in his married life. Nonetheless, he is utterly a private person and likes to hide his family from the media and journalists. That’s why almost no media has any information about his marriage life and kids. However, he once stated in 2019 in an interview, “I am happy with my family and would like to spend most of my leisure time with them.”

Thereby, we may assume that he is really enjoying his private but happy family life. And with the conflict with his sister resolved, there’s no reason for him being unhappy either.

Interesting Facts About Seth Gold

  • Seth Gold is a pretty sports enthusiast person. During his college and university life, he was a hardcore fan of the Michigan University football team.
  • He had a positive rivalry with his sister Ashley until 2019. His father intervened to resolve the conflict, and both siblings signed a deal afterward for a happy ending.
  • He has been listed as one of the most popular reality show actors in the 2010s by Wiki famous people.
  •  Now he is a member of the Board of Directors of his father’s business in Detroit. He joined it as a director and performing well.
  • Seth is a great fan and admirer of the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. In 2015, he shared a photo with Hulk on Instagram. It was a major viral of that time.


Seth Gold net worth is estimated at 1.5 million dollars in early 2023. He earned the majority of this property as a reality show actor and as a member of the Board of Directors of his father’s company. He is now slowly transforming himself more as a businessman than being an actor. And with his degree in Business from the University of Michigan, we see no reason for his failure.

Also, as a fan, you will love how he manages between his family life and social life. He is thus a true icon for the youngsters of his generation.

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