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Drury Brothers Net Worth and Their Interesting Facts

Today we discuss Drury Brothers Net Worth. If you are a hunter and love hunting down large deer and farm-country bucks, you may already have heard about Drury Outdoors. The farm hunting channel has become a household name in Missouri and across America thanks to its brilliant content, videos, and practical suggestions for hunting.

As the Drury brothers’ name and fame have grown over the past two decades, their fortune has also leaped up severely. Hence, you might be interested to know the Drury brothers’ net worth.

As far as our research found, the brothers own well over $2 million of properties, including their large country farm for hunting. Their earning source is mainly their channel Drury Outdoor which has now expanded its working sectors.

Who Are Drury Brothers?

Although Drury Outdoors has become the most popular hunting channel in America and across its borders, very few people know the persons behind it.

The channel was established by two brothers, Mark Drury and Terry Drury. They were fond of hunting ever since their childhood, and as they grew older, they truly transform their passion into a livelihood. Two brothers established the outdoor hunting channel in 1989, and they had never look back.

The story behind their surprising success is also pretty amazing. The two Drury big boys were born in Bloomsdale. As they grew up, both brothers had shown great enthusiasm for hunting. In fact, Mark, by the time he was an adult, had won several world titles and turkey-calling competitions.

As they were sure about their skills and passion, the brothers teamed up shortly. First, they bought a video camera named Panasonic AG450. They started shooting, and their first release was “King of the Spring.”

It was a 75-minute-long VSH video on turkey hunting. Parents and fellow friends of the two brothers have helped them greatly during the show’s production. And with their 1st video, the channel became instantly popular among hunters.

The way the two brothers had shown their hunting skills explained how to use various tricks and their engaging conversation, which hunters loved like anything else. Today, Mark and Terry Drury have truly become icons in the hunting industry.

Their channel Drury Brothers, now has over 50 staff in research, field, and other sectors. Also, their compelling videos now serve both hunting education and the importance of conservation.

And with their great success, they have earned handsome fortunes as well.

Drury Brothers Net Worth

Drury brothers never revealed their personal belonging and properties. Hence, it has become a little difficult for most people to estimate their net worth.

However, we did the impossible for you through our investigative report. And we found that the net worth of the Drury brothers is no less than $2.5 million. It may be a little bit up or down, but we are sure that the two brothers have truly made good fortune through their YouTube channel and TV shows on hunting.

Currently, Drury Outdoor is estimated to have a net worth of $27,000. But considering their views and sponsorships, we find it a little underestimated. The channel has over 40M views on YouTube till 2020, and with the lockdown in effect, it has only soared higher and higher. Therefore, the net worth of the channel has also risen.

Also, the majority of royalties and earnings come from multiple hunting shows aired on TV. However, among the two brothers’ Terry seems to have more net worth than Mark.

We found that Terry Drury has an estimated net worth of over 1.5 million dollars. Mark, on the other hand, has leased and owned over 30,000 acres of country farmland for deer hunting. Most of these properties are leased and take on a yearly contract.

The two brothers have not only earned a handsome amount of wealth for themselves, but also they have become classic cults among hunters. Also, their enthusiasm for conserving nature and animals has made them true icons of hunters.

Drury Brothers and Their Projects

Drury brothers are a well-known name in the deer and buck chasing and hunting industry. But what most people don’t know is their father, too, is a hunter and chaser. Even he also earned good fame in the industry, and Terry actually begins his career with his father.

As both brothers team up to start Drury Outdoors, they have already started to pass the baton to the next generation. Matt Drury is the son of Terry, and he has already been sighted several times in their turkey hunting content.

He has a bright future as he already shows signs of maturity. In one of his interviews, Matt said, “I realize the importance of education and having knowledge on the environment to be a successful turkey and buck hunter content creator?”

Thus, it is safe to say that the Drury brothers’ have handed their responsibility to their right hands.

Interesting Facts About Drury Brothers

  1. When both siblings were looking for the name of their channel, Mr. Will Primos suggested adding their title with the channel name. Primos was a famous name in the hunting community at that time, and the brothers accepted his suggestion gleefully.
  2. During the 1st three years of Drury Outdoors, they partnered with Haas Outdoors, Inc. Both companies have never looked back since then, and they still flourish together.
  3. Initially, the siblings focused only on turkey hunting. As their popularity grew, they brought content on the predator, whitetail, and big game hunting.
  4. In 1998 Mark used his bow to hunt a buck. Until that time, it was the largest even buck to be filmed during hunting. The record helped their channel grow bigger and faster.
  5. Drury brothers also work to develop awareness among people about nature and animal conservation. They comment that hunting is ethical until you follow the federal and state rules and don’t violate the natural cycle of hunting animal’s life.


Drury brothers’ net worth is around $2.5 million, and the majority of it is owned by Terry Drury. The brothers have done tremendously well to build the hunting channel from scratch to one of the most popular hunting channels ever.

Moreover, the next generations have already taken the responsibility to take their legacy further. The Drury family is truly doing wonders in educating hunters and conserving animals for the future.

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