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Kidd Chris Net Worth, Biography and Everything You Want to Know

Today we discuss Kidd Chris Net Worth. Kidd Chris is a famous American radio host since 1998. He has been a popular voice on the radio over the last two decades. Over the last few years, his mesmerizing and jolly voice, along with witty comments, has made him an iconic radio host.

Hence, he has got a massive fan base. These fans are interested in Kidd Chris’s net worth, his brief biography, family life, and whatnot!

As your premier entertainment partner, we, therefore, bring the biography, net worth, family, and personal details of Kidd Chris.

Ever since his controversial radio show and a conflict with the local church for the show, he never had to look back. His radio hosting career has seen massive success too. But how is he in his personal life, what fortunes has he earned from such hosting shows?

Let’s find them all.

Who Is Kidd Chris?

We have already been told that Kidd Chris is a popular radio host. But that’s only the ice off the tip berg. So, let’s start by declassifying your favorite RJ’s details.

Kidd Chris is his popular name on the radio. But his actual name is Christopher Derek Foley. But as he entered the media world, he shortened the name. And his shortened name immediately became popular with his rising voice.

Kidd was born on May 15, 1974, in Syracuse, New York. He began his radio hosting career in the winter of 1998. And his first few shows brought massive controversy among the audience and the church. It made its on-road in Wichita, Kansas. He hosted the following radio channels-

  • KICT T-95FM,
  • KDGS Power 93.9FM,
  • KANR FLY 92.7FM

As he aired the show, it came up with revolutionary words. It immediately grabbed the attention of the local church, and they came into a confrontation. Thus, the local religious organizations and churches tried their best to remove him from the show.

But their tries were futile, and he survived. He continued the show. But his national recognition came much later till he settled in California with a new show.

The First National Recognition

In the next year, Chris moved to a small town in California named Sacramento. There is a hip-hop radio station; the 1st aired his morning show. It continued for several months, but he failed to get the name and fame he wanted.

Thus, he moved to an FM Talk Show. He hosted an evening show here. And it was full of vibrant ideas and jolly talks. The talk show was four hours long. It became one of the highest-rated and TRP-gained shows along the pacific coast.

But he was yet to receive national recognition. And then came to his prank called magic.

He made a series of prank calls in the show at Sacramento. He sent a series of prank calls to the following syndicate members and celebrities-

  • O.J. Simpson
  • Anthony and Howard Stern
  • Thomas Kitajima

They eventually joined the show, and finally, Chris got his desired national attention. It took him almost three years to reach the point.

Kidd Chris Net Worth

Kidd gained his national attention way back in the 2000s, and it also helped him earned good fortune. So, where does his net wealth stands?

Currently, in 2023, Kidd Chris has a net worth of 4.5$ million. The surprising thing is that he didn’t earn this worth only from his radio hosting career. He also worked as a disc jockey and planner of a few radio programs.

Therefore, it helped him earn such a good amount in a relatively short time. Presently, he is associated with a few radio programs and also earns money from them. As he has advanced to middle age, we could estimate that he will earn massive wealth in the coming future.

Personal Information About Kidd Chris

Kidd Chris leads a pretty private life. Therefore, it has become hard for people to know about his personal information. However, we stick to his lifestyle and found some interesting facts.

He currently ages 47 and only recently celebrated his birthday. There’s no information about his parents and siblings. It is because he has maintained his family life as privately as possible. So, the media has little information about his family.

However, it is confirmed that he has married. His wife’s name is Lene Foley. As far as several leaks confirmed, they have a happy conjugal life. But there is no information about his kids. This is no surprise as he maintains high secrecy about his family life too.

His Retirement and Comeback

In 2001, he has touched the sky with his popularity. And all expected him to expand his radio hosting career at this point. But he declared retirement from radio hosting during this time. It came as a bolt from the blue to everyone, especially to his fan base.

He went to the upstate of New York and started living peacefully there. But he had a surprise for his fans and media partners. He regrouped and rejuvenated himself in the next few months. It permitted him to prepare for the return.

And on January 05, 2004, he returned to the radio host with another morning show.  This time he aired the show from San Antonio, Texas. In the next year, he hosted a popular and high TRP show in KSRX K-Rock. The show continued till August 2005.

Since then, he has been continuing multiple popular radio shows.


It has now been over two decades for Kidd Chris in the radio hosting arena. He has earned both popularity and fortune from this career. His passionate voice, revolutionary ideas, and joyful pranks are the key to his success. The fans truly wanted to know about his lifestyle following his massive success. We found that Kidd Chris’s net worth is around $4.5 million. This is quite an achievement. But his private life has made him an even more interesting and sought-after host in the US these days.

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