peter popoff net worth

peter popoff net worth

Today we discuss peter popoff net worth. Peter Popoff is an evangelist and faith healer who has been in the public eye since the 1980s. He has made a name for himself through his television broadcasts and live stage shows, inspiring people from all walks of life with his words and deeds. So, how much money does he have? Let’s take a look at Peter Popoff’s estimated net worth.

A Look at the peter popoff net worth:

Peter Popoff was born in Germany in 1946 and moved to the United States when he was two years old. He studied theology at Andrews University, then began preaching in churches across California in 1973. By 1978, he had become well-known enough to launch his own radio program, which eventually evolved into a TV show that aired on over 500 stations worldwide.

In addition to hosting his own broadcasts, Peter Popoff also ran large-scale healing crusades—which included faith healings—starting in 1982. During these events, attendees could purchase products such as “miracle water” and “miracle cloths” for which Popoff would receive a cut of the profits. In 1986, however, it was revealed that he had been using electronic devices to gain information about audience members during his services—a revelation that caused many to question his integrity as an evangelist and faith healer.

Despite this setback, Popoff continued on with his ministry work—and it appears that it has paid off for him financially. According to, Peter Popoff currently has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. His wealth mainly comes from donations made by those who follow him; however, he also earns money from selling various products related to his ministry work such as books and DVDs.

peter popoff net worth


Overall, Peter Popoff is one of the most successful evangelists/faith healers around today with an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars! While there are certainly some questions surrounding how exactly he gained this wealth (especially after the scandal involving him using electronic devices during services), there can be no doubt that he has been able to build up quite a fortune over the course of years spent preaching and providing healing services around the world. For any aspiring evangelists or faith healers looking for financial success stories within their field, Peter Popoff is definitely someone worth looking into! ​​

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