linda tripp net worth

linda tripp net worth at time of death

Today we discuss linda tripp net worth. On April 8th, 2020, Linda Tripp passed away at the age of 70. She was a civil servant and political figure who gained notoriety in 1998 during the Monica Lewinsky scandal involving then-President Bill Clinton. But what was her net worth at the time of her death? Let’s take a look at the financial history of Linda Tripp.

linda tripp net worth at time of death:

Linda Tripp worked for the Department of Defense for over 20 years and retired with a pension package worth $1,260 per month. According to reports, she had no other income sources apart from her pension. In addition to her monthly salary, she also received a one-time payment of $140,000 after she left the Pentagon in 2003.

Though it has not been officially disclosed, estimates have put Linda Tripp’s net worth at around $500,000 when she died in 2020. She reportedly used part of this fortune to purchase a house in Middleburg for $400,000 in 2015. However, it is unclear how much money she had left as there are no official documents that can be referenced.

Throughout her career, Linda Tripp wrote two books: “Inside: A Public and Private Life” and “Mrs. Clinton: The Other Woman”. These books brought in some additional revenue but it is unknown how much money they generated for her estate or if any royalties remain unpaid due to her death.

linda tripp net worth


We will likely never know exactly how much money Linda Tripp had when she passed away due to privacy laws regarding estate planning and inheritance taxes. However, based on public records we can estimate that she had around $500,000 saved up over the course of her career as a civil servant and political figure.

Though this amount may seem low compared to other successful figures in politics or business today, it should not be overlooked as a testament to how well-managed finances can help someone live comfortably after retirement if they plan accordingly throughout their life’s work.

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