spy escape and evasion shark tank net worth

spy escape and evasion shark tank net worth

Today we discuss spy escape and evasion shark tank net worth. Spy Escape and Evasion is a company that provides self-defense and evasion tactics for private citizens. Founded by former US Marine Jason Hanson, the company made its debut in 2013 on ABC’s Shark Tank.

In the episode, Hanson pitched his business idea to the Sharks and impressed them enough to get a deal with Lori Greiner for $100,000 for 40 percent equity in the company. After appearing on Shark Tank, Spy Escape and Evasion has seen incredible success; its products are now available online, at retailers like Walmart and Target, and through its own training classes. Let’s explore how this inspiring story went from being a small business concept to becoming one of America’s most popular self-defense companies.

spy escape and evasion shark tank net worth:

The Original Idea Behind Spy Escape & Evasion

The original idea behind Spy Escape & Evasion was simple yet powerful: to teach civilians self-defense tactics inspired by what real spies have used throughout history.

Former US Marine Jason Hanson had studied espionage techniques during his time in the military and wanted to share this knowledge with people outside of it. He realized that learning these strategies could help keep civilians safe no matter who or where they were.

Shark Tank Appearance

In 2013, Hansen took his business concept to ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. After impressing the Sharks with his pitch, he managed to secure a deal with Lori Greiner for $100,000 for 40 percent equity in the company.

After Hansen appeared on the show, interest in Spy Escape & Evasion skyrocketed; more people began buying its products online and at retailers like Walmart and Target, not just in the United States but around the world as well. The increase in popularity also led Hansen to offer training classes for individuals who wanted to learn more about self-defense tactics firsthand.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Hansen has seen tremendous success with his business venture; he has sold over $3 million worth of products both online and offline while teaching over 10,000 people how to defend themselves against attackers through his classes all around the world.

He has even been featured on Fox News multiple times as an expert on spy tactics! His net worth is estimated at approximately $4 million dollars today—not bad for someone who started out with just an innovative idea!

spy escape and evasion shark tank net worth


Spy Escape & Evasion is living proof that dreams can come true when you put your mind—and hard work—to it! With an innovative concept and some help from ABC’s Shark Tank investors, Jason Hanson was able to take his business from just an idea into a full-fledged success story that has earned him millions of dollars while also helping thousands of people learn important self-defense skills along the way! It goes without saying that there are plenty of lessons we can all learn from this inspiring story!

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